Be Healthy

As we move into week 2 of our “Be a Diva” celebration we want to celebrate being healthy.Healthy_B

I’m not going to lie, a post about being healthy wasn’t the easiest one to write. Don’t get me wrong, I use a DivaCup and natural household cleaners, I take the weekly yoga (and just recently Pilates) class, swallow my daily supplements and eat a pretty strict diet of gluten and dairy free options (with the exception of my guilty pleasure… pizza!).

But, even still I know there is more I can be doing to be a Healthy Diva.

The human body is an incredible system of processes that need continued support and attention. Our bodies tell us when it needs a “tune up”, when our mind needs to refocus, our food choices need to be re-examined and when we need to get outside!

If we could combine the lifestyle of those around us, we’d probably all be super humans. In the Diva office, we have a weight lifter, vegetarian, runner, natural product lovers, yoga enthusiasts, gym goers and gluten and diary free eaters. We learn from each other, are motivated by each other and encouragement abounds.

But there is always more we can do to be healthy, from the inside, out.

For us Divas, being healthy is about self-care and body respect.

When we care for our mental health by taking some time to reflect and journal, our mind says thank you. When we choose to use The DivaCup rather than disposable tampons and pads, our menstrual health thanks us. When we focus our thoughts on the “little things” in life, the good stuff, our heart thanks us. When we sit down to a quinoa salad and gluten free dessert meal, our stomachs thank us. And when we run that circuit, swim those laps or come out of mountain pose; our bodies say thank you.

We want to encourage all our Divas to commit to making one improvement for their health. Whether that be trying The DivaCup for the first time this month, adding an extra workout to your week, eliminating an unhealthy snack choice or switching to an all-natural facial cleanser (like our DivaWash)… just one change towards a better, healthy you!
Are you up for the Healthy Diva challenge?

Whatever you choose, remember to have fun and share it with those around you. Being healthy should be an enjoyable experience and if you are not having fun, it might be time to change things up a bit.

The Diva Team put together a few Healthy Diva tips to help you get started:

  • Green your cycle: Traditional femcare products often contain traces of chemicals and plastics that are not only bad for your body, but also the health of our planet. As a reusable option, The DivaCup offers 12 hours of leak-free protection, is super comfy and saves money!
  • PM Workouts: If you are not a morning person, opt for taking a lunch hour fitness class or try an evening workout session.
  • Clean naturally: Baking soda, micro fiber cloths, vinegar and lemon juice together make a great cleaning solution for tiles, counter tops and windows.
  • Go Green: Have trouble eating that pesky suggested veggie and fruit intake? Blend a tasty shake “to go” in the morning.
  • Think clearer: Start writing, whether in a journal or personal blog. Writing helps clear the mind and often reveals our true feelings towards the every day.
  • Be a Team: Working out can also be fun with a group of friends and it guarantees accountability. Start a workplace healthy snack hour, a walking or running club or healthy options dinner group.
  • Natural Beauty: If you cannot pronounce the ingredient it may be time to switch to a healthy facial cleanser, soap bar, concealer or lip gloss. This online database offers some great insight on what’s inside all those bottles and tubes.
  • Substitute: Add some almond milk, agave, quinoa or rice flour to your kitchen routine and see the difference a little bit of “healthy” makes to your diet.
  • Eat In: Limit yourself to only one meal out a week (or even every two weeks). Cooking blogs, cookbooks and recipe swaps can help you bring international cuisine, vegetarian bliss and gluten free delights into your very own kitchen.

Similar to our Happy Diva Pinterest board, we’ve created a Healthy Diva Pinterest board so that you can share your pins with the hash tag #HealthyDiva! And for every pin you pin with #HealthyDiva your name will be entered to win a DivaCup, DivaWash and Diva shopping eco-bag.

Enter to win on our “Pin-to-Win-with-Diva” webpage.

You’d be surprised how a simple workout suggestion, inspirational quote or recipe can transform a woman’s health routine.

Make 2013 your best year yet with Diva!

Be Happy

Happy_BSometimes, while our desks are piled up high in paperwork, when the house is a mess, when we are tired and run down… we need a little reminder of what it means to be a Happy Diva.

And sometimes, “being happy”, is easier said, than done!

Over the past 10 years, Diva International Inc. has been privileged to experience many happy moments. From our first store listing, to our first customer testimony, first Facebook fan, first magazine advertisement… the list is endless.

As we celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary we want to kick start the year with our “Be a Diva” celebration – a celebration that is all about the little things that make Being a Diva so incredibly wonderful.

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that happiness is contagious. Not a day goes by in the Diva office without a good laugh (and when the right music comes on, dance party!). It is hard to be around laughter and smiles without experiencing them yourself.

You’ve heard it said: “It’s the little things in life that matter!”. Hitting snooze, finding the shoe you thought went missing, cuddling with your loved ones, eating that last piece of popcorn, watching the first snowfall… little things.

We want to start our “Be a Diva” celebration off with some Happy Diva inspiration. Simply because, if happiness comes from the little things, then surrounding ourselves with happy inspirations can’t hurt!

First place to start is your head space. Your thoughts affect your outlook. Surrounding yourself with inspiring, funny and cheerful thoughts throughout the day can only lead to happiness.

After re-framing your thoughts, your living space is the next area that can use some Happy Diva accents. Little things like a wall quote, knitted blanket, favorite scented candle, height markings in the wall; these accents remind us to smile.

Next up is our work space  For some, this means a classroom, while for others, a work desk or setting outdoors. Photos of family and friends, a candy jar, fresh pot of coffee or favorite mug, these can all play a part in reminding us to “Be Happy” from 9 to 5 and beyond!

Lastly, filling your social space with things that make you happy is a must. Whether it’s a yoga workout in the late evening, appetizers with your girlfriends or a trip to the local art gallery, whatever you do to be social, shapes your mood. In the busy life of being a Diva it is important to do at least one thing that fuels your happiness each week!

These Happy Diva inspirations are only the beginning.

Our hope is that over the next few months, all our Divas will take part in our “Be a Diva” celebration… starting today!

Do you have a favorite quote, image or past time that fuels your happiness? Share your Happy Diva inspirations on Pinterest with the Diva Community using the hash tag #HappyDiva. We will re-pin these Happy Diva inspirations on our Pinterest “Be Happy” board so that others can share them too! (Don’t forget to give a shout out to your photo source!).

When we do notice the little things in life that make us happy, it is important to both cherish them and share them with the many wonderful people all around us.

Start today! Share your Happy Diva moments right here, on the DivaBlog!

Sharing Diva one school at a time! {Guest Post}

As a sexuality educator I have many opportunities to teach and hear about all aspects of puberty, sexuality and menstrual health. Through Sexpressions, I have the opportunity to provide educators with new resources and to tour around Canada for training  One thing I have learned over the years is that I always need to be aware of the concerns youth have concerning puberty, and for the young women I speak to, the menstrual cycle.

What often gets missed in conversations around youth sexual health is how much our bodies change over the years and that there are no “right” or “normal” things to do or not do, only healthy and unhealthy.

Being a sexuality educator can be like walking a tight rope at times. With everything we teach, we have to consider not only how our students will react, but if there will be complaints from parents, community groups or administrators. With generational distances pulling some teachers away from what is necessary for a class, not all students receive the information they need to be the healthiest they can in this area of their lives.

Like it or not, health class is one of the few places where youth really hear the facts about photo8menstrual health, and what is and isn’t covered has a major impact on students’ perceptions. The teacher also plays a vital role in modeling acceptance or disapproval of the issues being raised. Teachers showing surprise, disgust or confusion can make many girls not consider options that could work for them. It is also important to point out that one reaction like this can make it very difficult for students to ask any questions at all!

Sadly, sustainable menstrual care and discussion of The DivaCup and cloth pads are often not included in health classes because the people doing the teaching are not aware that they even exist. Often, we teach what we know. And sometimes, even some of the best teachers are missing information in this area.

As a trainer, I have the incredible opportunity of introducing the topic of sustainable menstrual care when I work with teachers. The good news is that when teachers do introduce menstrual cups, it can help sexual health education programs as a whole. Even a simple explanation of how DivaCups work includes a discussion of sexual anatomy, toxic shock syndrome, other menstrual products, variations in menstruation, and potentially a whole host of other topics that can come up! We need to introduce all options to our students, and help our youth, in a non-judgmental way to make the best decisions for their bodies and lives.

Are you an educator, public health nurse or health care provider interested in sharing The DivaCup with the young women you work with? Visit our Health Professionals & Educators webpage or contact us at to receive your DivaCup Educational Kit and start sharing Diva today!

Professional shotStephanie Mitelman, M.A., CSE

Stephanie is Montreal’s only certified sexuality educator and a national trainer on issues of sexual health and youth sexuality. She teaches at McGill and Concordia Universities, and is a founding member of The Sexual Health Network of Quebec. In 2000, she started Sexpressions, which offers sexual health resources and training for teachers and front-line healthcare workers. She also regularly trains and consults in Aboriginal communities across Canada and on sex education for youth with special needs, particularly those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Visit Sexpressions today to learn more!


Happy 2013!

HappyWhile a staple item in The DivaCup office, most of our Divas have probably spent the first few days of 2013 putting away the tinsel, twinkle lights and ornaments. As the final boxes are tucked away for another year, I am excited to start the many new projects and goals we’ve set for 2013.

With every New Year, comes potential – potential for change, growth and achievement. We are incredibly grateful for everything the Diva Team has accomplished in 2012 and cannot thank our Diva Fans enough for the support you have shown us.

But, we know there are still many places and women that The DivaCup concept has not yet reached. And just like every year, this potential, the potential to share The DivaCup with women around the world, is the reason for all that we do.

This year is particularly special for Diva International because it marks our 10th year in business. Since our start in 2003, Diva International has gained international success, countless awards, ISO certification, reached over a million women, is proudly sold in 20 countries worldwide and has the support of over 15,400 Facebook fans and 5,300 Twitter followers.

Just like 2012 , 2013 is looking to be a year of great accomplishments. Already we have heard from women about how wonderful their first DivaCup experience has been and we hope to share more of these personal DivaCup stories with our fans. Our Social Media Team has some fantastic creative and giveaways planned and we are super excited about expanding our educational reach and seeing The DivaCup on new store shelves (stay tuned to our Facebook page for new store listings in the months to come!!!).

And let’s not forget, celebrating our 10th anniversary!Cupcake

In discussing 2013, the Diva Team wanted to offer all our Divas some New Year’s resolutions that will empower you to take better care of your menstrual health, our communities and planet.

  • Try The DivaCup or gift one to a friend.
  • Learn more about your menstrual cycle by visiting our Chart Your Cycle webpage and start charting with MyMonthlyCycles or PinkPad!
  • Exercise! Our guest blogger/yoga instructor Denise Davis-Gains shares some great yoga poses to help ease period pain.
  • Be positive and share your positivity with others.
  • Start a creative project; learn to knit, collage or take up photography. Creativity is healthy for your mood and adds much beauty to our world.
  • Give your time or resources in support of a local charity. For ideas, visit our Diva Cares webpage.

We want to encourage all our Divas to share your New Year’s resolution, right here with the Diva Community, so that together we can make 2013 a year of positive change and better period care experiences.