Spring into Spring

Blooming SwabWhile not a fan of the rain, I know that after days and days of walking through puddles, they will soon appear… flowers.

For many of us, this week brings us the first few days of spring and although there are flurries in the forecast, (for those of us in the North), there is still much to look forward to!

What I think I like most about spring is that it is the one season that carries with it a “to-do” list. Summer motivates us to indulge and relax, autumn marks the start of a new beginning and winter… winter often carries with it a plethora of new winter recipes, outfits and holiday events.

But, spring seems to bring an energy that motivates me (and I’m sure many other Divas) to clean and organize not just our homes, but our diets, exercise routine and thought processes. There’s something about seeing new and colorful growth all around us that makes us want to also renew and grow.

While not an expert on spring cleaning, I wanted to share a few things we can all do to renew our spaces, thoughts and bodies.

Spring Cleaning 101!

While we may not love what often comes with spring (cleaning!), that familiar feeling of a new season and having a few things better organized can be liberating. Cleaning those things you don’t normally clean like mattresses, windows, drapes and even your shower curtain will give your home an added sense of cleanliness. You may also want to switch your cleaning routine to include all natural cleaners or reusable cloths.


Sorting through cupboards and closets and donating items that you didn’t use in the past six months is a must. That winter sweater that you have yet to wear, will probably not be worn next year. A great thing to try is a clothing swap. Gather some friends, have each bring a handful of clothes they can part with and swap!


source: sunnysideupblog.com

Decorate… wherever!

Light colors, floral arrangements and spring inspired outdoor decorations are a great way to change up your living space, for little to no cost.

Spring Cooking!

Although we all love potatoes, the arrival of spring promises much loved produce. Asparagus, radishes, beets, lemon and rhubarb are just a few of the many tastes we have to look forward to in the coming months! Eating local and trying some new spring recipes will definitely give you some extra energy for the cleaning you may have ahead!

Get Fit!

I’ll admit, when the snow comes, I hibernate. But, with the sunshine and warm weather approaching it is time to get outside and move! But, not at all once! Easing into a spring exercise routine will allow you to learn your limits and preferred workout time. Signing up for a community league, ensuring you have the right gear, and that you have set realistic goals, will get you off on the right foot.

What “Spring into Spring” Diva tips do you have for the Diva Community?

Creating Herstory and Happy Menstruation

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend two amazing events in the great city of Toronto. Diva suitcases in hand, we made the hour drive in anticipation of sharing The DivaCup with women of all ages from across the city.

Our first stop Friday morning was Sister 2 Sister.

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 10.43.08 AMNow in its fifth year, Sister 2 Sister is a year-long project for grade 8 girls from 6 inner city schools that come together for a one day forum at George Brown College. Filled with workshops, great food and fun-filled ceremonies Sister 2 Sister truly is an event that empowers women. Throughout the day, girls had the opportunity to attend workshops that celebrated being a girl, from “Paperbag Princess Remix”, to “Express Yourself” (graffiti art) and “abunDance” (dance, drama and yoga all in one!).

The theme for this year`s event was “Creating Herstory” and these girls certainly did create “Herstory” around the topic of period care. Diva had the opportunity to facilitate one of the workshops and was incredibly impressed by the enthusiasm, honest discussion and reception these girls had towards period care and reproductive health.

The girls were welcomed to the workshop with warm cups of tea (red raspberry leaf or peppermint) and each had an opportunity to submit questions to our Diva question box, participate in a menstrual name game and share their thoughts about how femcare advertising makes them feel. Following our tea and discussion, we had a charting “how to” session with Feby bracelets, a brief history of feminine hygiene and of course an introduction to sustainable menstrual care featuring The DivaCup! The room was full of excitement, from re-claiming period talk, to question and answers about vaginal and menstrual health. At the end of the workshop, each girl was given a DivaCup goodie bag, each filled with period essentials like red raspberry leaf tea, ginger candies and of course The DivaCup and DivaWash!

Saturday brought us to our second event, flow festival – an all-day event filled with menstrual product vendors, Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 10.45.49 AMworkshops and a Red Tent, which held even more workshops!

The festivals theme, “happy menstruation, health fertility” allowed for great discussion, product demonstration and tips about better health for women of all ages. Diva also had the opportunity to share The DivaCup with all those in attendance through an informative workshop and attended some of the workshops ourselves courtesy of Red Tent Sisters, Yoga Goddess and Naturopath, Dr. Tara Anderson. Every woman we spoke to and each workshop attended reaffirmed just how important it is that more women have the opportunity to learn and hear about The DivaCup.

As we traveled from event to event, I couldn’t help but think: What better way to celebrate International Women’s Week then with events that celebrate what it means to be a woman!

I am amazed at all that women are doing “together” to educate, support and care for girls and women. I’m even more amazed at the recent opportunities The DivaCup has had when it comes to reaching women around the world. Whether through local community events, new store listings, magazine features or social media buzz, news of The DivaCup is reaching more women than ever before.

As we continue to celebrate The DivaCup’s 10 year anniversary, we are excited for the change of season, new partnerships and Divas we will get to meet as our spring events unfold.

What’s a traveling Diva to do?

c/o endlessinspiration.com

c/o endlessinspiration.com

As spring approaches, so do many upcoming travel plans! From Spring Break to March Break and the many spring/summer vacations that follow, there is often endless planning involved.

Vacations are exciting, but all the packing, laundry and last minute errands can certainly be stressful.

That is until you get there!

As Travel Divas ourselves, we thought to give the Diva Community a few tips for trip planning because although travel can be busy, it doesn’t need to be stressful!

Make a List:  Write down what you plan to pack as well as what you still need. You will also want to look at any services to cancel or put on hold while you are away as well ensure care of pets, or indoor/outdoor plants.

Make a Timeline:  After you make a list, make a timeline and plan out how you can realistically get everything done. And always leave a buffer day for yourself!

Roll Up:  Rolling your clothes can make room for other items, and give you a clear picture of where everything is in your suitcase.

Compartmentalize:  Rather than having loose items in your bag, add compartments with travel cases, cloth bags, Ziploc bags or bins. Dirty laundry in one, socks in another, toiletries on their own etc. When it comes time to head home, you will already have your suitcase ready to go!

Layers:  No matter the weather, packing clothes that have multi-use can free up space in your suitcase for souvenirs as well as lighten the load.

Fancy and Comfy : Shoes! Pick shoes that go with all outfits, and bring along running shoes. You never know when you may want to head out for a jog or a hike or want something comfy to walk around in after a night in heels.

Extra Bag:  One of the best things you can bring along is a reusable shopping bag. This can come in handy for dirty laundry, the beach or souvenirs on the way home. They take up little space on the way there, and are simple to carry home with you.

Period Care:  For those women who get to experience their period while on vacation, trying a reusable option, like The DivaCup will not only free up space in your suitcase (goodbye boxes of disposables), but also give you the opportunity to do more. Offering 12 hours of leak-free protection, means you don’t need to worry about “spot checks” after 6 hours in flight, tuck in any strings at the beach or find a restroom in between flights. The DivaCup is great for any vacation whether relaxing in the sun, trekking up a mountain or zip-lining through the leaves! And because it is reusable, you will save money and lessen your eco-footprint.

Minimize Product : In addition to reducing your femcare supplies to 1, try limiting the amount of hair and beauty products you bring along on your trip. Try out an all in one soap bar, or solid shampoo or share products with a friend.

Hydrate:  Be sure to hydrate as often as you can; and if in a developing country look for potable water options to ensure good health.

Safe Travels Divas!!!