Year in Review

Last yearThe past year has been tremendous for Diva International on a number of levels. As I sit here on the last sales trip of the year, it is incredible to think of the miles covered, cities visited, new retailer partners added, and most importantly, consumers educated about The DivaCup.

A recent sales trip to New York City had some of the Diva sales team stop by Barnard College to speak to a group of students about sustainable menstrual care. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with consumers and educate them about The DivaCup and see firsthand, the excitement to learn that such a viable option exists. Being able to experience this kind of interaction and share it with retailers is such a valuable tool for our sales team as The DivaCup is really a product women are passionate about.

The momentum continues to grow since The DivaCup was first launched in 2003 and we are gearing up for even more growth in 2014. We are excited for a number of fresh marketing initiatives to continue to spread awareness and the New Year will be our biggest and best year yet. The Diva team celebrated at our annual holiday party this past weekend and our Finance Manager mentioned:

The only constant in our business is change.

Going into the New Year I am keeping this quote readily on hand. We continue to change for the better by improving our processes, adding new skilled members to our team to help us to continue evolving, and by working with retail partners to help offer products that change the environment and most importantly, change women’s lives.


A Period Talk for all our Divas!

The Diva Team is excited to have a few more things planned for all our Divas before we say hello to 2014. In addition to new store listings and our 12 Days of Diva Giveaway we continue in our mission to educate women, teachers and health professionals about sustainable menstrual care.

We do this in a number of ways:

  • Educator/medical partnerships
  • Training of health professionals 
  • Guest talks on college campuses
  • Community workshops
  • Distributing DivaCup demo kits (over 5,000 in 2013!!!)
  • Attending trade shows…
  • And of course through social media events, posts and giveaways

Be Preapred 2In fact, social media is one of the best ways the Diva Team can connect with our Divas which is why we are thrilled to be co-hosting Be Prepared. Period’s December Tweet Chat with GladRags. This month’s theme is Revolutionizing Periods: Menstrual Cups & Cloth Pads.

It’s a tweet chat you will not want to miss!

For those who are new to Tweet Chats, we’ve got you covered. Tweet Chats allow you to engage in conversation online with people from around the world about most anything including, Periods! Tweet chats are also a great way for organizations to connect with the end user. It’s not very often you get to talk directly to someone from the very company of a product you love, are interested in trying or have questions about that need answers.

Everyone in the conversation stays connected with a hashtag (#PeriodTalk) and a moderator helps guide topics, questions, giveaways etc. All you need to participate is a Twitter account. When the chat starts simply sign in at and start tweeting with the hashtag #PeriodTalk.

Period Talk 2Because The DivaCup is co-hosting, it’s a great opportunity to invite friends who are new to menstrual cups (or curious about why you are so passionate about your choice period care option) to join us! For over two years, Be Prepared. Period has been hosting a monthly tweet chat, drawing on a range of period related topics including Puberty and Periods, Pelvic Pain, Endometriosis Awareness, Parents FAQ etc. These chats encourage positive period talk, introduce women to better period care options like The DivaCup and challenge the menstrual status quo.

When #PeriodTalk is trending… people take notice and when this happens it creates an opportunity for change.

Help make #PeriodTalk a trending topic by joining us this Friday December 13th 11am PST/2pm EST. Diva International Inc. together with Be Preapred. Period and co-host GladRags are going to be discussing sustainable period care options, how to use menstrual cups, care for cloth pads and the cost savings and eco benefits to choosing a green period care solution. If you can’t join us for the full hour, why not visit us on your afternoon break, early/late lunch or in between pre-weekend errands.

And of course there will be giveaways! We are excited to be raffling off two (2) DivaCup prize packs complete with a DivaCup, DivaWash, pink loofaha, Diva fashion scarf and a Diva inspired reusable shopping bag!

Looking forward to chatting with all our Divas tomorrow!

Share Friday`s Tweet Chat with the women in your life via Facebook and Twitter:




Q & A with a Doula Diva

This past summer, we had the incredible opportunity to provide teaching resources and DivaCups for Ancient Song Doula Services in Brooklyn, NY. Ancient Song is providing much needed reproductive support to their community and we wanted to share their story with the Diva Community. Our team spoke with Chanel Porchia this fall and here is a recap of that conversation:

1.How did Ancient Song Doula Services get started?

I have always been active in my community joining organization or working with individuals around issues of social justice and inequality. This passion followed me in college and has throughout my life. While working in NYC I came upon a natural birth expo in Union Square and was amazed at all the information on reproductive health and the many alternatives to modern medicine. I’ve had my own personal challenges with reproductive health issues as I suffered from fibroids that made me look and feel pregnant when I wasn’t and traditional approaches were not very effective for my care.

After having major surgery to remove the fibroids I sought out a new way of life, changing my diet and becoming a vegan all the while continuing to research the effects of our reproductive choices and how they impact our physical lives in many ways. I also switched up my period care routine from using tampons and sanitary products to things more holistic and earth friendly., when I saw the expo I was totally blown away. I met midwives and doula of color, something I had no idea even existed in this day and age. I gathered all the information that I could and held on to it just in case I could share it with my friends or relatives. When I became pregnant two years later I did what everyone else did and went to a OB/GYN but was not pleased with the level of care that I received. Then I remembered that I had all this info in a bin from the Expo. I dug it out and my journey began.

I found a midwife and doula who assisted me in having the most powerful experience in my life. Not only did I birth a child I birthed myself.

The care, compassion, and support was unmatched and helped me through the process of knowing that there was nothing wrong with me or my body that in fact my ancestors had done this over and over and I was a by-product of that strength. I used that to push out my first of four children and it changed my life and Ancient Song Doula Services was created. My cousin said that during the birthing process I sounded like I was singing an Ancient Song. Since, then I have heard numerous women sing Ancient Song’s during birth.

After that I knew other women needed to experience the same thing especially women of color and low income families.

All women!

I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen, but I trusted in something greater than myself. I put a call out on a listserv and 12 women came out and our collective was established. Since then many women have passed through our doors, but I will never forget the passion and determination that we all had in knowing that we held the beliefs that all women deserve quality care regardless of their station in life.

We believe that all women regardless of education, socio-economic factors, or race deserve quality healthcare and should feel empowered by their birthing experience.

2. What are the benefits of hiring a doula?

Some of the benefits of hiring a doula include continuous non-judgmental support, lowering the risk of interventions, C-sections, and support for positive breastfeeding outcomes.

3. Why is sustainable period care important to your practice? What sort of menstrual cycle support, service and education do you provide to the community? believe it is highly important to the environment and to let women and girls know that they have options when it comes to their reproductive health. As women we have items that are marketed to us that are unhealthy to our overall care. When we find a product like The DivaCup that is environmentally friendly and sparks a change in the way we view our personal care, that’s important. As women we need to be empowered by the choices we make and ensure our choices come from an informed perspective.

4. What sort of postpartum care do you recommend to women? What can women do to help the healing process and how soon after would you recommend they start using The DivaCup again?

Sometimes after giving birth we may not be ready to use the tools that we did previously right away as it may feel uncomfortable. We suggest that our clients should wait at least 6 weeks or until they have clearance from their provider via midwife or doctor before trying The DivaCup because we take into consideration the birthing process and for each mom that is different. We also talk to our clients and ask what self-care looks like to them because every woman is different? How does that fit in with your birthing experience?

5. What is your experience with The DivaCup. How did you first hear about it?

I was introduced to The DivaCup from a fellow doula. She was talking about this great product she has that allowed her to manage her flow and really become informed about her body. It sounded great to me so I tried it and loved it! We show it to all of our clients and folks who walk through our doors. It`s amazing to see their reactions and we are always excited when they come back and tell us their success stories about using The DivaCup.

6. If you could provide some advice to health educators who are teaching young women about the menstrual cycle, what would it be?

We hold many events and workshops at Ancient Song that range from breastfeeding and bottle feeding clinics, teen reproductive health (where we talk about The DivaCup) and pregnancy care. We treat women of all ages, but when it comes to our youth, we have learned some incredible insight about these young women. Don’t talk down to them like you know more about their bodies than they do. Speak to them in a non-judgmental way that allows them to feel empowered about the choices they are making because we all had to learn at some point in our lives and most of all speak to them not as if you are trying to change them, but rather introduce to them something that can empower them. The changes that manifest from that are amazing! Song Doula Services

Ancient Song Doula Services was founded in the Fall of 2008 with the goal to offer quality Doula Services to Women of Color and Low Income Families who otherwise would not be able to afford Doula Care. Through education, community outreach and hands on training, ASDS is changing the way women view their reproductive health while at the same time empowering them with a better period care experience.