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Happy_BSometimes, while our desks are piled up high in paperwork, when the house is a mess, when we are tired and run down… we need a little reminder of what it means to be a Happy Diva.

And sometimes, “being happy”, is easier said, than done!

Over the past 10 years, Diva International Inc. has been privileged to experience many happy moments. From our first store listing, to our first customer testimony, first Facebook fan, first magazine advertisement… the list is endless.

As we celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary we want to kick start the year with our “Be a Diva” celebration – a celebration that is all about the little things that make Being a Diva so incredibly wonderful.

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that happiness is contagious. Not a day goes by in the Diva office without a good laugh (and when the right music comes on, dance party!). It is hard to be around laughter and smiles without experiencing them yourself.

You’ve heard it said: “It’s the little things in life that matter!”. Hitting snooze, finding the shoe you thought went missing, cuddling with your loved ones, eating that last piece of popcorn, watching the first snowfall… little things.

We want to start our “Be a Diva” celebration off with some Happy Diva inspiration. Simply because, if happiness comes from the little things, then surrounding ourselves with happy inspirations can’t hurt!

First place to start is your head space. Your thoughts affect your outlook. Surrounding yourself with inspiring, funny and cheerful thoughts throughout the day can only lead to happiness.

After re-framing your thoughts, your living space is the next area that can use some Happy Diva accents. Little things like a wall quote, knitted blanket, favorite scented candle, height markings in the wall; these accents remind us to smile.

Next up is our work space  For some, this means a classroom, while for others, a work desk or setting outdoors. Photos of family and friends, a candy jar, fresh pot of coffee or favorite mug, these can all play a part in reminding us to “Be Happy” from 9 to 5 and beyond!

Lastly, filling your social space with things that make you happy is a must. Whether it’s a yoga workout in the late evening, appetizers with your girlfriends or a trip to the local art gallery, whatever you do to be social, shapes your mood. In the busy life of being a Diva it is important to do at least one thing that fuels your happiness each week!

These Happy Diva inspirations are only the beginning.

Our hope is that over the next few months, all our Divas will take part in our “Be a Diva” celebration… starting today!

Do you have a favorite quote, image or past time that fuels your happiness? Share your Happy Diva inspirations on Pinterest with the Diva Community using the hash tag #HappyDiva. We will re-pin these Happy Diva inspirations on our Pinterest “Be Happy” board so that others can share them too! (Don’t forget to give a shout out to your photo source!).

When we do notice the little things in life that make us happy, it is important to both cherish them and share them with the many wonderful people all around us.

Start today! Share your Happy Diva moments right here, on the DivaBlog!

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  1. Hello Divas! I just wanted to share how much I appreciated my Diva when watching an awesome 5 set tennis match between Federer and Tsonga at the Australian Open. No toilet break needed…. and this on my heaviest day – Diva is fantastic 🙂


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