Diary of a Diva: Never Going Back!

My purse already has too much in it - at least now I don't have to find room for tampons!

My purse already has too much in it – at least now I don’t have to find room for tampons!

My first reaction to hearing about the DivaCup was probably fairly typical. I was skeptical, and a bit preoccupied with what I imagined to be the “ick” factor. “Really?” I remember saying to my friend. “You stick a cup in your vagina, and then when it’s full of blood you dump it out? Isn’t that, um, messy?”  I think “yucky” was the word I was looking for, but I didn’t want to offend her. “That’s great if it works for you,” I told her. “But I think I’ll stick with with my tampons and panty liners.”

I’m not afraid to admit it – I was wrong. So wrong. Probably the most wrong I’ve ever been in my whole life.

A year or so after that initial conversation, I found myself getting fairly frequent yeast infections that seemed to revolve around my menstrual cycle. My gynecologist was prescribing all kinds of antibiotics, but it seemed to me that this approach was treating the symptoms, and not the cause. I had always known about the chemicals that were in tampons and pads, but I didn’t really think there was a better alternative that I would be comfortable with. However, under the circumstances, I decided it was time to try something different.

Switching to the DivaCup solved my problem all right – but it did a lot more than that. It solved a whole bunch of problems that I had every month. Problems I had gotten used to and just accepted as part of being a woman. I didn’t think there was any other way. Well, like I said before, I was wrong.

Because I am an organizational junkie, I’ve made a list. This list includes just a few of the things that don’t happen to me now that I have my DivaCup. Put your hand up if you experience at least one of the below every month:

  • Getting your period and go to the bathroom, only to realize that you’re out of tampons. YUCK.
  • Going to the bathroom at lunchtime to change your tampon, only to open your purse and realize you forgot to replace your back up. YUCK.
  • Going out with friends and having fun, but worrying in the back of your mind because you need to get yourself to a washroom within the next half hour or you’re going to have a serious leakage problem. YUCK.
  • Serious leakage problems. The kind that destroy underwear. YUCK.
  • Changing your tampon in an unfamiliar house (your boyfriend’s parents’ place, for example), wrapping the used tampon in a huge wad of toilet paper and then shoving it to the bottom of the trash basket with the hope that it will remain undetected. YUCK.
  • The gushing feeling that inspires instant panic. C’mon, you know what I’m talking about. YUCK.
Feeling Free!

Feeling Free!

Turns out, tampons are WAY more “yucky” than the DivaCup, and not just for the above reasons. The DivaCup is reusable, and this makes a lot of us Diva converts feel great about being kinder to the environment and our bank accounts. But it also means no last minute dashes to the drugstore with toilet paper stuffed into your underwear! No more begging tampons off of friendly female coworkers! The DivaCup also requires way less frequent changing: I empty my DivaCup first thing in the morning and right before I go to bed at night, and I don’t even think about my period at any other time of the day.

Honestly, I could go on about the DivaCup for hours. I can think of a dozen benefits I haven’t even touched on. But I’ll end with this – if you’re considering trying out the DivaCup, do it! I did a lot of research before making the switch, and what I found was overwhelmingly positive reviews. Yes, there’s a learning curve, but remember how awkward you felt putting in your first tampon? Take it from the skeptic – after using tampons for ten years, after just one period with DivaCup I knew I was never going back!

Diva Convert

Alison is a twenty-something, yoga-loving city gal who lives a busy life and likes it that way! When she’s not out with her friends you can find her curled up on the couch with her dog and a good book.

Spring Cleaning 101

tin bucket, rug and scrubberWith the shorter days in winter, and less sunlight, it’s no wonder that when spring arrives, so too does our drive to finish up household projects, de-clutter and spring clean! Our energy levels are fueled by natural sunlight, helping us be more alert and more willing to get out there and do something.

While I love seeing spring come into season, I am not a huge fan of the cleaning and organizing that seems to also come with the start of a new season. I like the idea of everything having a place where it belongs, but with the weather so nice, it’s hard to imagine spending the time indoors.

For this reason, the Diva Team has put together a few Spring Cleaning Tips to help you get started!

One Room Rule: It’s hard to commit to cleaning an entire house or apartment in just one day, which is why setting aside a day for each room will give you the time you need to clean well, and still enjoy the nice weather.

Inside and Out: Surface cleaning is not enough to keep things tidy. For example, the clutter on the outside of your fridge can be just as overwhelming as the two week old leftovers in the fridge. Free up space on your fridge door by recycling holiday cards, grocery lists and other out dated paper notices. Give small appliances like your coffee maker a thorough clean by running a cycle of white vinegar through them.

Supply Choices:  When choosing a cleaning tool, choose reusable where possible. Microfiber cloths (window care), feather or wool dusters and reusable spray bottles are all great options. Additionally, DIY and organic cleansers most often work better than those laden with chemicals and are safe for children and pets to be around.

Hanger Trick:  At the start of the season flip your hangers so all the hooks face the same direction. Each time you wear a shirt, flip the hanger around. At the end of the season, give the clothes whose hanger didn’t switch direction away to a local charity.

Get in There: For those with tiles, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or flooring, this DIY tile grout cleaner is great for clearing up the debris and faded colour.

Exercise Gear Care: Your water bottle, yoga mat, weights and elliptical machine also need a good clean every so often. Try these simple yoga mat cleaning and reusable water bottle care tips before settling into your next sun salutation.

Sink Care: Kitchener sinks, showers and tubs are some of the most commonly used spaces in a home. With this DIY sink and tub cleaner you can turn those grayish white sinks and faded metals to look brand new.

Wall Care: our places are full of them, but how often do we actually clean off? Take down pictures, move the furniture from the wall and gently wipe down the walls with a good dusting mitt or cold water and a nonabrasive sponge. Be sure to use the right cleaning solution for the type of paint on each wall.

Share your spring cleaning tip with the Diva Community today!


What’s all the chatter about?

tweet-chat revisedIn recent weeks you may have noticed some social media chatter about Be Prepared Period’s April Tweet Chat.

For those not familiar with Tweet Chats, Tweet Chats provide an incredible opportunity to learn and discuss a variety of topics, including periods and menstrual cups! These discussions take place online where 120 character discussion points are tweeted back and forth (with a hashtag like #PeriodTalk) by women and girls from around the world.

The Diva Team is especially excited about April’s topic: The 411 on Menstrual Cups!

Tomorrow (Friday April 11th 2014) we want to encourage all our Divas to join us online at 2pm (EST) / 11 am (PST) for a discussion on everything to do with menstrual cups.

Here is a sneak peak at what to expect at tomorrow’s Tweet Chat:
  • An introduction to menstrual cup use, care,  eco and health benefits.
  • Q & A opportunity with personnel from menstrual cup companies, like The DivaCup.
  • A chance to talk with other women, who like you, are curious about menstrual cups or have questions.
  • Testimonials from fellow menstrual cup users.
  • And… an opportunity to enter for a chance to win a menstrual cup prize pack, including this fabulous DivaCup giveaway.

Be Preapred 2In addition to hosting monthly Tweet Chats, Be Prepared Period also has a website with resources about period care products, puberty and the menstrual cycle, an online storefront where you can buy products like The DivaCup (on sale until April 18th for 10 % off!!!), first period stories and product testimonials. Be Prepared Period also has a sister site, PeriodTalk, which is a 24/7 online discussion portal on all things period. Parents, teens and health educators can post questions and offer their insight about topics related to periods.

We hope you can join us along with Be Prepared Period and fellow menstrual cup companies this Friday for a menstrual cup Tweet Chat!

Be sure to get your questions ready and enter our giveaway for a chance to win a DivaCup Giveaway. Giveaway includes: The DivaCup, DivaWash, reusable shopping bag and a copy of the 28 Days Lighter Diet book (a book that will provide helpful insight and tools for you to get the most of your cycle)!

Join us on Friday and don’t forget to enter today for your chance to win!

Education at its best!


A day in Hollywood before the big show!

Within my first year of working for Diva International, I was given the opportunity of attending the Natural Products Expo West trade show in Anaheim, CA. For those not familiar with this trade show, Expo West is North America’s largest natural products trade shows. The show provides an opportunity for distributors, retailers and consumers to explore thousands of products over the course of three days. Those who attend, spend their days walkng up rows upon rows of product booths equipped with personnel who are eager to educate and inform you about everything from organic hand creams to The DivaCup to tasty (and healthy) chocolate treats.

Entering the hall on the first day of the show was like entering this whole other universe. I couldn’t believe it and was instantly pulled in.

There is an energy that circulates in an exhibit hall. Attendees are excited to learn about new products and services and exhibitors are thrilled to be able to network and share the story behind the product they are promoting.

For Diva, the enthusiasm and energy at our booth is incredible. With every conference, excitement about The DivaCup grows. We are reaching more and more health professionals who in turn are educating more and more women about sustainable period care.

Since attending Expo West I have had the opportunity to attend a number of other trade shows and medical conferences and each one offers a unique experience. I also get the incredible opportunity to visit places I would never get to visit; experiencing new things and if time permits, taking in some sights.

The Diva Educator Team was on the road again, reaching out to thousands of educators at Pri-Med South, Pri-Med Southwest and Pri-Med West. The Pri-Med shows are wonderful because they provide the opportunity for an exhibitor to reach family physicians, nurse practitioners, OB/GYN’s and students, all in one place. With each medical conference we attend we are learning about the critical importance of menstrual health education.

Some of the attendees have heard of The DivaCup, others are avid DivaCup users, while still others are hearing about it for the first time. One of the main questions we are often asked is: why The DivaCup? Health professionals are eager to learn why telling women about a sustainable period care solution is important. Many are not aware of the harmful ingredients found within disposable pads and tampons and after talking with our team are pleasantly surprised to learn about the many, many benefits of The DivaCup.

But the education doesn’t end there. Our team works hard to continue conversations with all those who are providing reproductive care and education to women and girls. We provide quarterly updates, links to research and studies and free resources in an effort to empower those who are empowering others.

We are excited for the many shows we have coming up this spring such as the National Conference for Nurse Practitioners and Primary Care Today. As we continue to grow as our company, we are excited to equally be growing in partnership with educators and health professionals; together we are introducing women and girls to a better way to care for their period that is lifechanging.