Diary of a Diva – Open Water and Fearless Traveling with The DivaCup

Open Water and Fearless Traveling with The DivaCup

Oddly enough, I first heard about The DivaCup from a male friend in University. He said, “Have you heard of The DivaCup? My new girlfriend uses it.” This was perhaps a bit too much information for him to share with me, but I respected his curiosity and openness nonetheless. My answer was, “Nope, but it sounds modern and something I’ll definitely look into”.

At the time, I was studying English Literature with a minor in Environment Sciences, and The DivaCup sure sounded environmentally friendly. I asked around to see if I could buy one at a localstore, but as of yet no one had really heard of it—this was in 2007. I wasn’t savvy with online shopping yet either, so that option hadn’t crossed my mind.

It wasn’t until two years later that I finally got The DivaCup. I was volunteering on an organic farm in Nova Scotia, Canada, and another volunteer, out of the blue, asked if I wanted her to pick me up The DivaCup while she was in town getting herself one.

I said, “Yes, please!”

The first period I used it, I was constantly worried it would leak. By the next period, however, on several accounts I’d actually forgotten it was even in there!

Today, I could not be happier with the decision I made in 2009. The DivaCup has traveled all over the world with me. It has traveled through 12 countries in Asia and, let’s just say, it was a very comforting companion, especially that time my husband (then boyfriend) and I took a three-week motorcycle trip through Vietnam.

During our travels around Asia, I was also teaching yoga classes along the way to gain experience as I’d just received my teaching certification, and the last thing I wanted to worry about was a period mishap. For instance, in Bali, I could go from the yoga shala to the surf without skipping a beat, rather than searching for the nearest restroom to change my tampon.

Moreover, something else I greatly appreciated during my travels was the extra money I didn’t have to spend on tampons and feminine hygiene products while living and traveling abroad. Such products were also very hard to come by in the remote areas we traveled. We were taking an overnight bus from the northern city of Hanoi, Vietnam, to Luang Prabang, Laos, when our bus broke down in the highlands of Laos; and as luck would have it, I started my period. Luckily, there was a small wooden-shack-of-an-outhouse where I was able to insert The DivaCup. If I’d only had a few tampons, or worse, none, I’d have been in serious trouble.

I grew up in Eastern Canada, New Brunswick, where I spent my summers in the ocean or swimming in the family pool. Today I spend every single morning in the warm waters of Hawaii with my husband. Now as an avid dawn patrol surfer living in Hawaii, I could not imagine my periods without The DivaCup. Unfortunately, I’ve had trouble convincing fellow female surfers to consider The DivaCup—of the two women I did convince, however, they did so with eagerness and relief to have found a solution.

Furthermore, not only is The DivaCup more sanitary in the water — as tampons fill up with water, especially when sitting in the water on your surfboard for long periods of time—but they protect women from the dangers of shark attacks, as it blocks leakage. In Hawaii this is always a concern when participating in any activity in the ocean. Sharks can sense leakage, but with The DivaCup I feel safe. Also, as a surfer I have many unfortunate encounters with the world’s garbage floating around in the ocean and it’s a known fact that tampons and tampon applicators are one of the top ocean polluters in the world!

Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.

Lastly, because of the nature of my job, tutoring English as a Second Language online via phone and video classes, I sometimes teach straight through for three hours with back-to-back students, which means I don’t get a break to run to the bathroom to check for leaks, or change my tampon.

I cannot be happier with The DivaCup and I cannot promote it enough to active women, especially those who spend everyday in the water like me.

Without question, every female surfer should be using The DivaCup.

Open Water and Fearlessly Traveled with The DivaCupSarah M.

Sarah Moore lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, with her husband. She was born in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. She has been teaching English as a Second Language for five years–two years were spent teaching in South Korea, while the past three have been spent teaching online phone classes from home. She’s also a certified Yoga Teacher. She watches the sunrise over Honolulu every morning from the ocean on her surfboard with her husband and friends. She’s also training for a half marathon in the Fall!





How to be a Summer Diva

Summer is a time for lazy beach days, carefree weekends at the cottage and soaking up the sun. But summer also means making sure you are prepared for those hot days to ensure you don’t get sunburnt or sick from the heat. We wanted to make sure that all of our Divas are equipped with the knowledge to have the safest, sunniest, most satisfying summer! Check out these tips we’ve put together so you can be a healthy, hydrated and happy summer Diva!

Stay Hydrated

Typically, summertime is hot. And dry. And that means that getting the right amount of hydration is important for your body to stay cool and healthy. Water is important and can help your body reduce water retention (i.e. bloating) and ease digestion during menstruation. However, water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated in the summer. Foods such as watermelon, grapefruit, cantaloupe, strawberries cucumber, tomato, and celery are all good options to incorporate into your diet during the summer to help keep your body hydrated. If you aren’t big on “eating your water”, try some hydrating smoothies or coconut water to ensure you are keeping your body cool and healthy!

Summer Diva Smoothie

Summer Period Care

Just because your period makes an appearance doesn’t mean that your summer should be put on hold. With The DivaCup, you can go anywhere without worry! If your period visits you at a music festival, camping or anywhere you don’t have the convenience of a bathroom, follow these simple steps for a no-hassle cleaning!

Step 1: Cleanse hands before removing the cup with hand sanitizer or wash well with mild soap and potable water.
Step 2: Remove cup and empty contents. Using a reusable bottle of water, rinse the cup. If you do not have access to water, simply wipe the cup clean with a tissue until you can next properly clean it.
Step 3: Reinsert The DivaCup and cleanse hands with hand sanitizer wash well with mild soap and potable water.

Unfortunately, cleaning the cup can sometimes be the least of your worries. PMS, cramps and bloating are a few culprits that can make summer periods a bummer. Try drinking some raspberry leaf tea over ice for a refreshing and yummy way to battle your summer period woes!

Dress Comfortable

Summer fashion makes way for adorable sundresses and swimsuits but there are some important tips to keep in mind when dressing for the weather. Try and avoid tight-fitting clothing as that may hold sweat close to the body causing sweat and grime build-up on the skin, which can lead to breakouts! Similar to changing out of tight fitting clothes, make sure you don’t spend all day in a wet bathing suit! This can create a perfect environment for yeast, and by extension yeast infections, to grow. Opt for cotton underwear when you’re not in your swimsuit as it is breathable and excellent for promoting ventilation and air flow.

But don’t worry! You can wear all the flowing sundresses, skirts and breezy shorts your heart desires!

Stay Cool and Protected

Sunburns and overheating are real dangers when the sun comes out, but there are many ways to make peace with the sunshine and enjoy your summer! The first is to make sure you ALWAYS wear sunscreen and reapply often throughout the day. Even if it’s a cloudy day, the sun’s rays can still penetrate the skin and burn you. Make sure to wear a hat and sunglasses and seek shade during the parts of the day when the sun is the strongest (10-2pm). If you don’t have air conditioning, be sure to invest in an indoor fan so you can stay cool indoors, especially while you sleep!

Stay Fit

Summer is a time where you want to feel your best which means that we are exercising more and enjoying more active lifestyles. Whether or not you are looking to get fit or have fun, there are many ways that you can stay fit in the summer without overheating! Try swimming laps in the pool or going on an evening run with a friend, or you could even visit a gym and take part in a class indoors if the sun is too hot outside.

Summer Essentials

Every Diva knows that there are some things you can’t be without in the summer. Here are some of our summer bag essentials:

Diva Summer EssentialsSunscreen
The DivaCup & DivaWash
A reusable water bottle
A stylish beach hat
Comfortable sandals
Lip balm with SPF
A book or journal for lazy days by the pool
Ipod & headphones
A cute cover-up for the beach

What are some ways that you beat the heat or style yourself for summer? Chat with us at @TheDivaCup on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Diary of Diva: A sincere thank you to The DivaCup

Thank you! Thank you! I love, love, love, The DivaCup!!

I read about The DivaCup after seeing an ad on Facebook, of all places. My interest was peaked so I spent a few days researching and reading anything I could find about them! Excited, I told my husband I wanted to get one before my next cycle…

Not quite Johnny on the spot, my next cycle started and I didn’t have one yet so I ran to the store, picked my size and the DivaWash and raced back home to check out my new ‘toy’.

After only two tries I got ‘er in and spent the day checking and rechecking for leaks, a problem I’ve always been plagued with using tampons and pads. No leaks! OMG! No leaks!!

And to add to that one particular amazing benefit, I couldn’t believe the comfort, the freshness I felt, and the ease of use!

On day three, of my cycle, I resisted the urge to use a tampon, and nervously left the house for several hours. No leaks! Nothing! I forgot about it and enjoyed our time out!

I’m a changed woman! I feel far more comfortable about my period now (after 26 years of period paranoia). I’ve gone from worrying 20 times per day about leaks, having a fresh tampons handy, smell, uncomfortable dampness, etc., to thinking about it only twice per day, in a much more calm manner.


And as a family trying to do our part in caring for our earth, it’s good to know we’re now producing that much less waste & saving money!



Renee is a 38 year old mother of 3 boys and runs a day home out of her home in Red Deer, Alberta.  Busy boys and a busy day home keep her moving. Renee volunteers as a leader with La Leche League Canada, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping moms with breastfeeding, and is taking courses to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She enjoys traveling, reading, learning, time spent with her family, and empowering women.