How to Handle School Stress like a Diva


Contrary to popular movies, college isn’t all play and no work. And sometimes, that work can be really stressful! Here are a few situations that may creep up in your college experience and how to deal with them like a Diva!

The Bad Group Member. At least once during your time at college, you are going to have to do a group project. And for at least one of those projects, you are going to have a bad group member. You know the type. They don’t show up for class, hand in their work late (if at all) and expect to ride on all your hard work. But what do you do about it?

1.       Talk to them. I know how tempting it can be to confront them but you never know what is going on. Talk to them so that they understand the rest of the group’s expectations and explain (nicely) how they are not meeting them. Give them some examples of ways they can make it up to you, like have their portion of the assignment to you by the end of the weekend, and try not to hold it against them. If they continue to drop the ball, try tip #2.

2.       Be Proactive. So you know this person can never get their stuff to you on time and you know that you often have to edit it to the edges of the earth. Instead of stressing yourself out, ask for their portion ahead of time or get together as a group and work on it then. That way, you can ensure you have enough time to put everything together but you can also help them with their work.

3.       Talk to your professor. Sometimes, in dire situations, you may need to talk to your professor. Before you go running to tattle-tell, remember that this reflects on you as well. Make a private meeting with your prof so that you, and the rest of your group, can explain the situation you are facing. Explain to them what you have done to try and work with this person, and ensure that the professor knows to what extent this individual has been dragging your group down. Last, ask for their opinion. You may not get the answer you want, but at least your professor will be aware of the problems and will respect you for handling it professionally.How to Handle School Stress like a Diva | The DivaCup Blog

The Bad Grade. Inevitably, you are going to get a bad grade on something. And, understandably, you are going to be upset. But before you start crying and planning how “College Dropout” will look on your resume, remember that it isn’t the end of the world.

First, calm down. You never want to make decisions while you are emotional. Second, only after you’ve gathered yourself, talk to your professor and find out how you could have done better and if it is possible for you to make up your mark. If it isn’t, at least you know how to improve for next time and you can chalk it up to a learning lesson.

The Procrastination Project. Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to get that ten page paper done. I personally have fallen prey to the temptation of procrastination many times, and let me tell you, it can bring you down quick. If you find yourself fifteen episodes in to your favourite show with no sign of slowing down, follow these steps:

1.       Finish your episode and turn it off. You’ve had your relaxation time, now it is time to get to work.

2.       Start. Sometimes the hardest part about writing a report or presentation is simply starting. I find that even if I don’t have a concrete idea of where I’m going, once I actually start putting ideas on paper, I find myself putting together something coherent. Whether you are just jotting down key ideas or typing out full paragraphs, just start and see where you go.

3.       Know your timeline. If it is due tomorrow, sorry, but tonight is going to be a long night for you. If it is due in a couple days, break it down into pieces. Sure it will be hard work and could mean a couple of late nights, but at least you have a plan of action.

4.       Schedule time for editing. Ideally this will be a day or two before something is due, but even if you only have two hours until it is time to hand it in, use that two hours to edit. A good editing job can take your mark from a C to a B+, so just get it done.

The Comparison Act. Growing up, I always had friends that were very competitive with their marks. And unfortunately, it doesn’t get better in college. It can be hard to look at the other people in your class and not compare their successes to yours. But don’t forget that everyone struggles even if they don’t show it, and you have to focus on putting in your best effort. Focus on learning, improving and growing in your knowledge and remember that marks are only part of the equation. Be happy with your success, even if it looks different than someone else’s.

College comes with some hard decisions, but I promise that they are worth it. Don’t forget that you are at college to enjoy yourself and your education, so try not to be too hard on yourself. Do your best and forget the rest, as they say.

Until next time,






{Guest Post} Taking A Closer Look Below Your Belt!

The cornerstone of all health education for girls is their reproductive system. Tweens and teens learn about their periods, a multitude of wonderful products, a little hygiene, and the biggies: pregnancy and safety from STIs. Surprisingly, there is very little explanation about the rest of what goes on “down there.”

Or not so surprisingly…

Women’s Health Foundation’s (WHF) new book, Below Your Belt: How to be Queen of your Pelvic Region (BYB) has just published, and girl, it is exciting! While there are terrific books out there on changing bodies and having periods, the ten chapters in BYB hone in on the big picture – pelvic health and wellness, not just the reproductive system (although the story of ovulation and of the hormonal rollercoaster are not to be missed). BYB Book

WHF’s most recent study about pelvic health curriculum in schools was also recently published in the “Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology.” The study which informs the book,  shows that education can connect a girl to her pelvis and create a much better understanding of her body and the power of the pelvic region. Missy Lavender, WHF’s Founder and Executive Director, refers to this area of a woman’s body as the “Center of all Centers.” Muscles, structures, digestion, elimination, and reproduction each require care and understanding that go far beyond feminine hygiene.

Take bladder and bowel health: Nearly half the girls in the research study already experienced light bladder leakage (called little bitty leaks or “giggle pee”), and almost all experienced constipation frequently enough for it to be a normal part of their lives. Without understanding how the two are linked and how to improve bladder and bowel health, these girls will most likely experience issues their mothers and grandmothers may be dealing with, before the effects of life stage events like pregnancy and delivery or menopause.

BYB presents pelvic health information like no book before it – actually no book like it has been published before! Enter the Queendom:

image 2 A history of the crazy things women have experienced over the years starts off the book and asks the question, “What is pelvic health anyway?” and “Why does it matter?” It can be hard to talk about these topics so the definitions of taboo and norm are explored.  WHF intends to change that; after all, you can’t fix what you can’t talk about. Then, as a guided tour or queen-in-the-making training, Chapter Two looks at each bone, muscle, and organ in the pelvic region and shows what it look like, what it does, and what it’s for – with an eye on wonder and the recognition of beauty.

Next come “Pee and Me” and “Constipation Consternation,” a look into bathroom behaviors, nutrition, what to do, and what not to do, to start to instill that “ounce of prevention” tenet into a young reader’s thinking.

Pelvic fitness is a highlight of pelvic health. As such, the Pelvic Pyramid, a series of complex muscles deep within the pelvis and spine, is introduced for the first time. Adult women who have not yet experienced pelvic ill-health aren’t even aware of these. BYB teaches that with conscious knowledge of these muscles girls (and boys!) can “stand taller, kick farther, spin faster, and be strong in any activity in which they participate.  Working these special muscles involves visualization more than movement. Corsets and candy necklaces make that happen. “Keep It Strong, Sister!” shows ten easy exercises for strength, flexibility, and wellbeing. Threaded throughout BYB are yoga poses to help with everything from easing constipation and cramps to mood elevation. image 3

Have you ever heard of the Princess of Ovulation? Anatomically correct and functionally accurate, BYB still finds a way to make the lesson of ovulation memorable, if not charming. The period chapter, “Practical Matters,” talks about the basics: Pads or tampons? It looks at period tracking, cramps, hormones, and garnering help from parents, school nurses, and healthcare providers. How a young girl confronts her reproductive years – those in which she has a period – comes down to attitude and health. BYB makes it as clear as possible as it champions the Truth (the number of years a woman has a period for instance) and the Magic (the connection it creates throughout generations of women in her family).

As queen training wraps up, pelvic hygiene is looked into – it’s pretty simple, actually. Don’t use feminine sprays or douches. Don’t use soap and water in around the vagina – it’s a self-cleaning oven that requires no assistance from outside substances. On the other hand, UTIs and vaginal yeast infections do happen, and in this chapter, girls learn how to recognize the difference, why they may occur, and how to get help.

Coronation, the end of the book, asks the question, “What do you now know that you didn’t before?” And, that is the crux of the study, right there. What did the girls know? Not much. How much did they learn after the program, and how likely were they to head into their older teen years and young adulthood with an appreciation for their remarkable center of all centers, now that they knew what it was? Measurably so, and with confidence and pride!

Below Your Belt: How to be Queen of Your Pelvic Region can be purchased on Amazon or from the Women’s Health Foundation website.

Curious about all things pelvic health? Want to learn more?

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Diary of a Diva: Spreading the word, one cup at a time!

The other day I was raving to a bunch of girlfriends about my joy over switching to The DivaCup when a male friend said, “Can you please save this conversation for later?”. Immediately I felt embarrassed and ashamed, and then I said, “NO. I will NOT save this conversation for later. Women have periods and you can get over it. Not only can you get over it, but you can be supportive.” Now I know why they call it “The DivaCup”, because I feel like a freakin’ DIVA when I’m using it or talking about it.

Ladies, The DivaCup is a gift from the Goddesses. I CANNOT believe how long I waited to try it, and I cannot believe that I refused to make the switch. 

I used to say things like “That’s so gross.”, and “I’m not that much of a hippie.”.jl 3

First of all, The DivaCup, if anything, is *as* gross as pads or tampons. But in reality, IT’S WAY LESS GROSS! It’s the most natural your period can be; in fact, it’s actually kind of beautiful – like a holy grail of life-giving blood.

Secondly, it’s 10 bajillion times easier and more convenient than pads and tampons. You only have to mess with it once every 12 hours, and if you empty it in the shower, it’s basically no hassle at all. There’s absolutely no smell and no need for panty-liners. Can you believe it?! I just bled for a whole week and never once had to deal with it at work or in a public restroom.

Lastly, the only reason you would think The DivaCup (or your period in general) is gross is because you’ve been told to be afraid of your own physiology.

Ladies, our culture has failed us.

Your period is not gross or shameful. Pads and tampons are not helping the situation, trust me.

Pads and tampons are gross, but your period is not.

I can’t believe I waited this long to make the switch, and now I’m screaming it to the whole world. I feel like I used to be a slave to my period, and now I feel empowered by it. Healthy periods means healthy women, and this is what our culture should be teaching men AND women.

Men, do us a favor, and wo-man up about the topic, mmkay?? If you hear a woman complaining about her period, be supportive. If you hear a woman raving about her period, congratulate her, for she has just taken control of a major aspect of her life.

Oh, and one more thing. I’ll be donating the remaining boxes of pads and tampons at home in my closet because I’ll never need them again. Here’s to saving money, and the environment, one DivaCup at a time.

Spread the word, ya’ll. And to the makers of The DivaCup, let me know if you’re interested in any endorsement deals!

jessica levityJessica L Jessica Levity is the creator, director, and host of Reno-Tahoe’s #1 Comedy Troupe, The Utility Players. You can also catch her live on the radio weekdays from 10am-2pm on 100.1 KTHX, The X. Most recently, her passion for metaphysics and theater led to the creation of Alchemist Theatre – a 60 minute uplifting and spiritual experience, which audiences enjoy monthly at Good Luck Macbeth theatre in Reno. Above all else, Jessica loves her life in the mountains, her cats, her life partner, her amazing tribe, and most recently, becoming a real Diva.

4 School Fears I Don’t Have with The DivaCup


Trust me, I understand. You’re period doesn’t always come at a convenient time, and when you are spending all day on campus (and sometimes all night) there are situations that can evoke a pit of fear in any girl’s stomach.

That being said, since I’ve switched to The DivaCup, I don’t experience those fears anymore. Read on to find out some of the ways that The DivaCup can change your on-campus experience!

Standing up in front of class. More times than I can count, I have had to give a presentation and right before I stand up I have a small panic attack. What if I leaked through my tampon? What if there is a stain on my pants that I don’t know about? What if someone says something to me… or what if they don’t? Luckily, since switching to The DivaCup and getting the hang of properly inserting and removing it, I have not had any problems with leaks. So when it is my time to go to the front of class, I don’t even think twice and I leave my cardigan on my chair, not wrapped around my waist.4 School Fears I Don't Have with The DivaCup | The DivaCup Blog

Not having a tampon. Something every college girl has experienced is the surprise period. You are unprepared and didn’t have the time or the means to buy a pricey box of tampons. You now have to ask every girl in class if they have a tampon, pad, ANYTHING on them that you could use. Or, even worse, no one has one and you have to come up with a creative (and sometimes ineffective) way to keep your period from making a scene.

Since The DivaCup is reusable, you only have to buy one and they are easily portable so you can put it in your school bag for those period surprises! Talk about a lifesaver.

Hiding tampons. Unfortunately, some girls still feel uncomfortable toting around a tampon and come up with creative (and sometimes unconventional) ways to hide it. Sometimes it’s in their boot or up their sleeve, but every time it is stressful. Your period is nothing to be embarrassed about and I never feel worried about taking The DivaCup with me. Thanks to its discrete and totally adorable bag, I can carry it around anywhere and never worry about what people may be thinking (not that you should in the first place…).

Lots of bathroom breaks. When you are running from class to class, or have to sit through a four hour lecture, carving out some time to change your tampon can be difficult, especially if you are a lady who has to change it every hour. With The DivaCup, I can stay protected for twelve hours, so I can focus on things other than when I should change my tampon next.

If you suffer from any of these fears, give The DivaCup a try. I swear you won’t regret it!






The DivaCup Presents: Top 10 Unique Instagram Accounts!

The power of Instagram is undeniable. Every account displays a unique story that is shared across the globe. The social channel is designed for uploading photos and videos with a click of a button; using different filters and edits. The Diva Team came together and created a list of the top 10 Instagram accounts worth following!


1.       Angela Liddon (@ohsheglow)

Angela Liddon shares her award-winning recipes for those food enthusiasts. From energizing vegan recipes to meat-eaters and picky children, Angela has a recipe for all. The mouth-watering images will definitely inspire you to get in the kitchen. Angela is a Canadian mom whose relationship with food goes deeper than the roots! Follow Angela as she shares new recipes for all types at @ohsheglows.

2.       Happy Quotes & Inspiration (@happsters)

Having a bad day and need a little inspiration? @happster can do that and much more! Read creative quotes and sayings that inspire, fuel success and breeds happiness. Follow Happy Quotes & Inspiration for that extra pick-me-up!

3.       Mind Body Green (@mindbodygreen)

@mindbodygreen (MBG) is the ultimate account for “revitalizing the way you eat, move and live!”. This account is a must to follow when it comes to promoting conversations about health! MBG provides tips and ideas on how to live a healthier life, while inspiring you to continue being the best version of you.

4.       Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust)

If you’re looking to explore exotic, breathtaking photos, @worldwanderlust is your ultimate travel buddy! Follow Brooke as she travels across the world with a “mission to inspire, intrigue and inform followers to travel more”. Get a glimpse of her journey around the globe today!

5.       People Tree (@peopletreeuk)

@peopletreeuk will make you feel good about purchasing new clothing! Made with ethical and sustainable materials, People Tree is known for being the pioneer of the Fair Trade fashion industry! Follow People Tree to receive first looks at new and upcoming styles!

instagram-filter-image6.       Fiona Michelon (@crafthunter)

Looking for new home décor ideas?! @crafthunter can certainly help you out! From crafts, to home and office décor, Fiona has tips and tricks for every age! Follow Fiona as she posts creative pictures of her designs and shares the details on her blog!

7.       Dormify (@Dormify)

This one is for our campus Divas! Need some DIY inspiration for your dorm room? Follow @Dormify for your dream room décor, tips and tricks… and of course cute pillows!

8.       Elsie + Emma (@abeautifulmess)

@abeautifulmess gives followers the chance to showcase their crafty DIY’s! Not a crafty person? No problem. The account links to a variety of stationary materials such as journals, agendas, stickers and more! Join the DIY enthusiast and create something new!

9.       Yoga Inspiration (@yogainspiration)

Namast’ay in bed isn’t always the best option! Follow @yogainspiration to get your daily dose of happiness, positivity and everything yoga! Take the time to relax, learn new poses and read inspiring quotes!

10.   Living Pretty Naturally – Kate (@livingprettynaturally)

Kate’s fun and interactive account, @livingprettynaturally, provides creativity to health, beauty and wellness! Kate will make you feel radiant from her natural, organic products, recipes and witty quotes!


The Diva team would love to hear about your favorite Instagram accounts! Don’t forget to follow The DivaCup on Instagram (@TheDivaCup) for Diva inspired photos, news and giveaways!