Sweetening the Pill: An In-Depth Conversation about Contraception

Recently, documentarians Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein are venturing into a topic that women know all too well. Their documentary Sweetening the Pill will focus on oral contraceptives and providing women with information they might not otherwise receive from doctors. It will provide women with alternative methods to contraception by understanding the natural cycle of […]

Refreshing Relief for Your Menstrual Cycle

Smoothies are a staple during the summer. They are fruity and refreshing with so many different flavors to mix and match to suit your tastes! But did you know that smoothies have more benefits than just being a healthy, delicious snack? The Diva Team blended and taste-tested four different smoothie recipes; each one helps your […]

#MenstruationMatters to Diva International Inc.

The month of May is a favourite at Diva International Inc. for many reasons. The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and it plays host to one of our favourite days: Menstrual Hygiene Day (MHD). Organized by Wash United, and together with close to 300 partners from around the globe, MHD is a global effort to draw attention […]

Hello everyone at The DivaCup

The Diva Team received the below email from a husband who wanted to share the experience of his wife discovering The DivaCup with our team. The following is just one example of how men and woman are joining the conversation of sustainable period care! Hello everyone at The DivaCup, My wife recently learned about your […]