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It is a well-known fact that no matter where we live in the world, as women, we all share in the experience of menstruation. Yet, depending on regional location and cultural norms and practices the experience can vary from one woman to the next.

While women in the West grow up with access to disposable and reusable feminine hygiene products, women in developing nations are forced to use old rags, mud and leaves to care for their periods. Disposables are rarely an option, and when they are available, they are extremely expensive and often pose a serious environmental risk as there is rarely an appropriate infrastructure in place to handle the waste from plastic wrappers, applicators and synthetic fibers. This in turn can manifest in additional health concerns for these already hurting nations.

Menstrual cups may seem like a great solution to women’s menstrual needs in developing nations. However, limited access to clean water and health care services pose a serious health threat to women as the cup cannot be properly cleaned or cared for. Few of these communities have a health care professional who can address common health concerns and answer questions related to using a menstrual cup.

Although we cannot share The DivaCup with women in developing nations, that hasn’t stopped us from supporting the basic health needs of women and children around the world.

Below are some of the current organizations we proudly support.


Lunapads: Pads4Girls

After learning that girls in developing nations would miss entire weeks of school due to not having proper menstrual protection, Lunapads launched their program Pads4Girls. For 12 years, the program has supplied thousands of reusable cloth pads to women and girls in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. This feminine hygiene option is the most realistic option for women in these communities. In 2012, Pads4Girls expanded their reach with new projects like the the One4Her program in support of AFRIpads and Transformation Textiles: Malawi project.

For just $10, you too can help change the life of a young girl or woman in a way that is best for her and her community! Visit Pads4Girls to find out how you can give a Pads4Girls kit, donate your own homemade pads or offer a cash donation for this great program!


Plan International

Young girls in developing nations have the potential to be the future hope their community needs. When a girl is valued, truly valued, she can reach her full potential, bringing clean water, agriculture and health care to her community. Our support of Plan International’s Because I am a Girl campaign is equipping young girls with opportunities – opportunities for education, business training and micro-finance loans. Join us as we invest in girls, so that they can invest in hope. Find out how you can empower a young girl to change the future of her entire community by visiting Because I am A Girl today.


You ARE Loved and Be Prepared Period


Laura Elifritz began You ARE Loved in 2011, a year after her 20-year-old daughter Amy Ray Elifritz died from tampon related Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). Their recent partnership with Be Prepared Period, a website designed to educate young girls and their parents, is helping to bring healthy period care to the forefront of women’s health initiatives.

Diva International’s social media partnership with You ARE Loved and Be Prepared Period is committed to drawing awareness to the risks associated with using disposable feminine hygiene products. Through product donation, insight and resources, we are joining the online campaign to draw awareness around menstrual health initiatives.

Visit You ARE Loved and Be Prepared Period today to find out how you can join in this important online movement.




In an effort to bring insight to topics surrounding adolescent health and sexuality, certified sexuality educator Stephanie Mitelman began Sexpressions, an organization that provides sex education seminars and workshops to young people and health professionals. Through our partnership with Sexpressions, Diva International Inc. is able to provide educational resources about sustainable menstrual care to schools and medical professionals across Canada.

Sexpressions also has an online marketplace, which offers sex educational materials for teachers and health care professionals. Learn more at


Feby Empowerment Inc. 


feby2Knowledge is power and to know yourself is empowering. This was the motivation behind Alison Sanchez’s Female Empowerment Bracelet. Drawing from her own experience as both a woman and mother Alison wanted to offer her daughters a guide to the menstrual cycle as they were approaching puberty. Understanding the menstrual cycle is critical to being able to manage it and the earlier a young woman learns, the better she can care for her menstrual health. The Female Empowerment Bracelet is aptly named as it imparts a personal understanding of one’s body and the changes that occur on a monthly basis. was launched in 2011 and has reached thousands of girls and been embraced by teachers and health professionals alike.

Join Feby in their mission “to empower women through a sisterhood of awareness and empathy” by sharing Feby with the young women in your life today!