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Finding the Right Gynecologist

  Your gynecologist and you share a special relationship – and not just because they are checking out your vagina regularly. Your gynecologist is someone you trust with your health so it is important that you find the right gynecologist for your body and your health concerns.  For this reason, it may not be as […]

Party On. Period.

We all know the feeling – that moment that makes you reach for The DivaCup and want to devour a bar of chocolate simultaneously. It’s called a period and it is a normal, albeit sometimes inconvenient, part of life. For some people, periods can mean pulling on a pair of sweatpants, putting on your favourite […]

#DivaDifference Winner: Empowerment, Love and Education

The Diva team is happy to announce the winner of our #DivaDifference campaign! Amanda is an outstanding woman dedicated to encouraging young adults to pursue their goals. She is a passionate community leader, mother and teacher who embodies the characteristics of a true Diva! I’m Amanda Harris, a 23-year-old wife, mother, and student. I have had […]

3 Ways to Wear Pink in the Winter

When winter rolls around, you may notice that fun, bright colors go into hiding. Colors are replaced with heavy fabrics in gray, black or jewel tones. And while you can never go wrong with these styles, a Diva needs some pink in her wardrobe! Here are some fun ways to add a splash of pink […]