500 DivaCup Donations for Friendly Divas

‘Tis the season of giving and Suzanne Lively is giving back in a big way.

Owner of Lively Friends

Suzanne Lively

Suzanne Lively is the owner of Lively Friends, a 12-month program dedicated to building a community of women that are learning to put happiness first. First came Lively Friends and from that Suzanne created Friendly Divas.

Friendly Divas is a fundraising campaign centered around helping 500 low income women in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) by supplying them with The DivaCup. The goal is to raise $15K by December 31, which is enough money to purchase 500 DivaCups from a local retailer in the HRM area. Once the goal is achieved, the cups will be distributed to 500 women by several organizations in HRM. Friendly Divas currently has enough funds for 120 DivaCups and is excited to see that number grow.

Why start Friendly Divas?

Suzanne recognized that period poverty is a common issue that affects low income women each month when they have to choose between buying food or menstrual care products. Needless to say, food and rent are put higher on the list of priorities.

The Friendly Divas campaign hopes to remove this monthly expense for low income women by providing them with The DivaCup. The average woman spends $85-$225 a year on disposable menstrual care products. Providing women in HRM with The DivaCup will make a significant difference to their monthly expenses. The DivaCup is a $40 annual purchase, which removes the monthly expense of buying disposables.

Suzanne’s hope is that the Friendly Divas campaign will encourage people all across Canada to start the same initiative to help address the issue of period poverty.
For every $30 given to Friendly Divas, one low income woman will have her period taken care of for 12 months. For every dollar and cup that is donated, we get one step closer to removing the harsh reality of period poverty.

Give the gift of period confidence this holiday season to someone in need. Visit the Friendly Divas campaign page to find out how you can make a DivaCup donation to Friendly Divas.

Check out the press highlights on The Coast and CBC for additional information about the campaign.


The Diva Team is all for PERIOD Con

The Diva Team loves talking about periods, so let’s start.

Fact: Half the population experiences a period each month and unfortunately, many do not have access to period care.

Solution: PERIOD: The Menstrual Movement. PERIOD is the largest youth-run NGO in the menstrual health category. PERIOD was founded by Nadya Okamoto, a dynamic young woman with a desire to change the conversation around periods. PERIOD’s mission is to celebrate periods and provide products to those in need.

On November 18th in New York City, PERIOD is hosting the world’s first youth-run activism conference surrounding menstruation: PERIOD Con 2017. Diva International is proud to be supporting the event as the Diamond-Level Sponsor and even more thrilled that our CEO, Carinne Chambers-Saini will be the event’s keynote speaker.

It’s a beautiful thing when two inspiring and driven women come together with the same mission in mind- to provide a better period experience. Both Nadya and Carinne recognize that access to period care is a necessity, not a privilege.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to interact with young leaders who are making positive changes in their own communities. All in all, we’re beyond excited to be at PERIOD Con in just a few weeks,” Carinne Chambers-Saini.

The conference is an opportunity for each PERIOD Chapter Leader to learn how they can further the Menstrual Movement in their own communities. Each Chapter Leader is working towards raising awareness about PERIOD by hosting fundraisers and distributing period products to those in need.

Carinne was encouraged to learn that PERIOD’s high school and university chapters are led by inspiring young activists making positive change in their own neighborhoods. As a thank you to these leaders, Carinne wanted to provide each Chapter Leader with the opportunity to win 1 of 25 PERIOD Con entry tickets. Applicants were asked to fill out an online application and the winners were chosen by Diva. Carinne, along with the Diva Team cannot wait to meet the applicants at PERIOD Con!

“It feels like a dream to work with The DivaCup in this capacity,” says PERIOD Founder and Executive Director, Nadya Okamoto. “I, personally, have used The DivaCup since my second menstrual cycle when I was fourteen years old, and dreamed of partnering with The DivaCup. It’s quite a statement for such a company to so heavily be investing in both the leadership potential in the next generation, and the Menstrual Movement overall.”

PERIOD Con is based around the three pillars of PERIOD’s mission, which are Service, Education and Advocacy. Diva’s mission is to provide solutions for menstruatoras with an emphasis on excellence in menstrual care, environmental care, production and sustainability. The opportunity to align these goals with PERIOD’s mission is a privilege in of itself for Diva.

If hearing about PERIOD has sparked your interest, it’s not too late to get involved. Whether that means telling someone you know about the work they’re doing or applying to start a chapter in your community- anything helps.

Spread the word and let’s continue to talk about periods!

-The Diva Team