I Wouldn’t Let My Period Ruin My First Day on Campus

Arriving for your first day of campus is a thrilling experience for most Campus Divas and my first day was certainly no different.

I remember being so excited to decorate my dorm room, join clubs, make friends and experience everything that college had to offer. It didn’t even cross my mind to make sure I had period care with me because your period can’t happen on your first day of college – and certainly not to me!

It wasn’t until the cramps hit me that I realized I was in for an unpleasant surprise.

My parents were helping me unload my things from our packed-to-the-brim minivan and as I grabbed my new lamp (covered in gold polka dots – so cute!) I felt like someone had socked me in the side. My first thought was, “That can’t be my period. It can’t be.” But alas, it could be. And it was.

In my head, I knew it shouldn’t be a big deal and I knew I’d be fine. But still I felt my heart was sinking. I didn’t want to be missing out because of my period and I certainly didn’t want to be hugging my hot water bottle while all of my potential friends were out having fun. It wasn’t what I had imagined for my first week away from home and I felt like I had been robbed of the opportunity to make a good first impression.

I realize now that I was being a touch dramatic and that of course everything would be fine, but either way I felt deflated. My gold polka-dotted lamp seemed less cute. I began to feel unsure about joining clubs or talking to new people. I just wanted to go home and try again next week.

As I was setting up my dorm room (my roommate had not yet arrived) I realized something. There comes a time in every Diva’s life where they have to choose to rise above their period. Periods happen and they happen often and that should be no reason for me not to enjoy my first week on campus, no matter how crummy I felt.

I am embarrassed that it took me so long to come to that realization and as a self-proclaimed Campus Diva, I was a little disappointed in myself that I had met my period with such dread. But in that moment, I decided I would not let my period stop me from enjoying every last second of this exciting time in my life. I wasn’t going to let my period stop me from cherishing this time with my parents before they drove off and I wasn’t going to let my period deter me from trying new things.

It was like a light had been lit in my heart. I felt that familiar feeling of excitement and anxiousness return and my polka dot lamp looked as perfect as I remembered it.

My advice to past, present and future Divas is to never let your period keep you from doing the things you love or from trying new things. After all, life goes on. Period.

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Campus Diva: How to Get Involved on Campus

iStock_72217607_XLARGE v2Back to school means classes, homework, sporting events, extra-curricular events, campus clubs and much more. But getting involved on campus may be difficult, especially if you’re new to the school! Don’t fret. The Diva Team has you covered with tips and tricks on how to get involved on campus.

Find what you’re passionate about

First things first, determine what you’re passionate about, or what sparks your interest. This could be something within your field of study or even a hobby that you’ve been pursuing. Once you’ve found an area of interest, finding an extracurricular activity will be much easier and more enjoyable.

Go to orientation week

Orientation week is a great way to discover the different activities that take place around campus. Whether it’s a sports team or a club, you’ll be able to receive information and find out what’s needed in order to join. Orientation week is also a great way to meet new people and make friends! Even for returning students, orientation weeks usually have a fair for all the campus clubs and organizations which can help you get to know what kinds of things you can get involved in!

Ask your student unioniStock_73382761_XXXLARGE v2

Your student union is there for you! Comprised of both current and past students, the student union hosts events, information nights, tours, and more. If you didn’t make it to orientation, you can always visit your student union office and ask for more information about on-campus opportunities.

Join intermural sport teams

Intermural sports are a great way to stay active, meet new people, and get involved! Visiting your athletic department or the athletic centre is the best way to find out what intermural teams are available. Intermural sports will allow for that work to play balance and give you a break from school work to have fun with friends.

Follow your school’s social media channels

Social media is a great way to find out information about school events. Follow channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is an easy way to find out more information about how to get involved and connect with other students.  Colleges tend to offer a wide variety of school events and there will probably be something that suits your interests!

iStock_86271001_XXXLARGE v2Network, Network, Network

… oh and network! Networking is very important if you want to get involved and meet new people. A good way to find out different networking events is through your schools’ social media accounts. Networking will not only help you get involved but it could also lead to other potential opportunities.

The Diva Team wants to know how you get involved on campus! Send us your tips and tricks to make the best of your new school year.








How to have the perfect first day of school





iStock_80744315_LARGE v2The first day of school is fast approaching and we want our Divas to make the most of it! Here are some tips on how to have the perfect first day.

Pick the perfect outfit

Whether you want to dress for success, follow fashion trends, or set your own style, remember you will want to be comfortable! Classes can often be cold so you may want to add layers for warmth that you can easily remove when you are too warm. Pro Tip: Setting aside your perfect outfit the night before, may save you from a morning wardrobe meltdown.

Pack a great lunch

Packing a nutritious lunch will make you feel energized to take on the second half of your day! I always try to pack something easy on the first day like a sandwich on whole wheat bread and a salad. You may also want to pack a few snacks, such as a granola bar or a piece of fruit. When you are feeling low on energy, you can pull out one of your snacks for a quick pick me up. I also try to pack my lunch the night before so I don’t need to worry about it in the morning.

Set goalsiStock_82812119_XLARGE v2

Goals are a great way to keep yourself accountable throughout the semester and the school year. Most students feel more motivated around the beginning of the term, so writing your goals down early and revisiting them often can help you stay on track throughout the semester. Keep your goals somewhere you can easily see them, so that when you are feeling unmotivated you can be reminded of what you want to achieve. Remember, you can make goals for other things as well, such as personal goals, social goals, or even health goals.

Go to bed earlier than usual

The night before the first day of school, I usually have a hard time falling asleep. So instead of crawling into bed at my usual time, I get into bed an hour or so earlier and try to relax. This way, I will hopefully fall asleep before midnight.

Check out the campus

If it is your first day at a new school (whether it’s a new high school or post-secondary), it’s always a good idea to get a feel of the campus before the first day.  Ask your new school if they offer tours, orientations or maps for students.

Print your class schedule

Print a copy of you class schedule to carry with you for the first couple weeks. This will help you remember where your classes are, and with the help of your campus map, help you find your classes as well!

iStock_62846726_MEDIUM v2Get your school supplies ready

Having your school supplies purchased and packed the night before is great for making sure you don’t forget anything on your first day of school! Some school supplies you may want to buy before school starts are your textbooks, pens, highlighters, backpack and a cute new planner to keep you organized!

How do you prepare for the first day of school? Over Diva Team would love to hear your tips and tricks for the perfect first day!










6 Ways Your Period is Like Back to School


School is around the corner and, like your period, it may try to cramp your style. Here are 6 ways your period is like going back to school.

1. It makes you reluctant to follow a schedule


Source Giphy

2. It wakes you up early in the mornings


Source Imgur

3. It can make you see red!


Source Imgur


4. It is both the best thing ever and the worst thing ever

Source Giphy

Source Giphy

5. You’re anxious AF if you’re late

window cat

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… You when you’re walking into class late or checking your period tracking app

6. It always comes around again faster than you think


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Things you think as summer ends

1. You haven’t worn half of the new clothes you bought for summer…

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…And some actually still have the tags on them!


2. You haven’t gotten a tan

cat sunglasses

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…Which also probably means you haven’t seen much of the beach this summer.


3. Soon you will have to swap bathing suits and sunscreen for textbooks and LOTS of coffee…


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…There’s nothing like a good ol’ coffee hype during exam time!


4. There is already Christmas stuff in stores?! You’re kidding me, right?…

via: Giphy

via: Giphy

…Can we all just agree to not think about Christmas until November?


5. Oooooooh, bathing suits are on sale!…

shopping dog

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…And now my last paycheck of the month will help me stock up on bathing suits for next summer!


6. Wait, mornings have a 6am now!?…

via: Giphy

via: Giphy

…Let me just hit snooze 8 times.


7. What will I wear on my first day of school?…

via: Giphy

via: Giphy

…But really, who are we kidding? You know you’ll bust out the sweatpants on day two anyways.


8. Want to go back to school shopping, but don’t want to go back to school…

via: Giphy

via: Giphy

…I just want to buy cute stationary and highlighters, but I don’t want to actually use them.


9. Why can’t I fall asleep early enough? I am going to be so tired for my morning class!…

via: Giphy

via: Giphy

…I’ll just check my phone one more time before I go to sleep.


10. I’ve said this every other year, but THIS YEAR I’m actually going to be organized…

via: Giphy

via: Giphy

…Or at least, I’ll TRY to be.


11. Only 300ish days until next summer! Let the countdown begin!…


via: Giphy

…Sad this summer is over, but it was a great one! Bring on Fall!