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G Day 2015!

Adolescence for many is about trying to be comfortable in your own skin. While full of exciting new opportunities and changes, many of these bring their own set of challenges. Add to the mix a young girls first period and you are sure to have some stories to share with the grandchildren. Growing up as the […]

Research Opportunities and The DivaCup

A few weeks ago, The Diva Education Team had the opportunity to visit The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in Long Island, New York. Diva International Inc. has committed to provide menstrual cups for the Feinstein institute’s ROSE Study (Research OutSmarts Endometriosis) in an effort to help advance the care and knowledge of a disease […]

Diva Summer News!

I love summer… I love the warm weather and family get-togethers, but most of all I love the renewal and relaxation summer brings – getting us all ready for the fall. While I’m sad that the days are getting shorter and the weather cooler, I’m excited for the many new things set to launch for […]

It’s time for change… Switch to The DivaCup!

Today more than ever, period talk is making its way into mainstream culture, online forums, doctor’s offices and classrooms. This is exciting because it provides a forum for women of all ages to ask questions, provide support and share in experience. Diva International Inc. is passionate about educating and empowering women and health professional about […]

With Diva I can…

As we gear up for summer, I can’t help but think of the freedom and ease The DivaCup provides for women (all year), but especially during the summer months. For me, trying The DivaCup, was life-changing. Before switching to The DivaCup my summers by the pool were non-existent during my period days. My flow was […]

Divas in the Windy City

Last week, The Diva Education Team was immersed in healthcare education in Chicago, IL which hosted two incredible conferences, the National Conference for Nurse Practitioners and the Annual Clinical Meeting for the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Our first stop, the National Conference for Nurse Practitioners, was a very rewarding experience for our team. […]