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Be Heart Healthy

Whether celebrating love (romantic or platonic), or simply focusing on some much needed love of self and self-care, there is no denying that February is all about the heart. Though you may spend much of this month giving and sharing of your heart, how much are you doing for your heart itself? Did you know […]

{Guest Post} Yoga for the Menstrual Cycle

The first time I ever acknowledged in public the fact that I had a period was in yoga class. “Is anyone here menstruating?” the teacher asked. I tentatively raised my hand, feeling a little exposed. “We’ll be doing inversions later in class, but I’ll give you some restorative poses to do instead,” she told me. […]

Wearing gold on and off the deck

With the close of the London 2012 Olympic Games earlier this week, we can’t help but highlight one of our favorite “golden” Olympians, our Swim Diva Julia Wilkinson. You can easily find Julia by the competitive poolside; she’s the one wearing the Gold UGG® boots. We don’t think Julia chose this color by accident! Yes, […]