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Be Heart Healthy

Whether celebrating love (romantic or platonic), or simply focusing on some much needed love of self and self-care, there is no denying that February is all about the heart. Though you may spend much of this month giving and sharing of your heart, how much are you doing for your heart itself? Did you know […]

Refreshing Relief for Your Menstrual Cycle

Smoothies are a staple during the summer. They are fruity and refreshing with so many different flavors to mix and match to suit your tastes! But did you know that smoothies have more benefits than just being a healthy, delicious snack? The Diva Team blended and taste-tested four different smoothie recipes; each one helps your […]

Strawberry fields for Diva!

I enjoy the last half of June for two reasons: It marks the start of summer and… It marks the start of strawberry season (for us Divas in the North)!!! These red, heart-shaped berries are not only sweet and juicy; they are also low in calories and offer many great health benefits. As a young […]