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Diary of Diva: Trailblazing in Music Education, and Teacher Survival, with The DivaCup

I’m Maegan, 26, and a seriously ambitious public school Music teacher. I don’t have time to tinkle, much less worry about pads, tampons and obsessively checking to see if my clothes are ruined! I am also quite prone to UTI’s regardless of cranberry supplements, and don’t even get me started on how much “supplies” cost. We don’t […]

Divas, What’s in Your Closet?

April is Earth Month and with many initiatives in place to help keep our planet clean and healthy, The Diva Team wants to do our part by sharing some eco-friendly tips! With spring just around the corner, what better place to start being eco-friendly than with your own closet? I’m sure many of you are wondering […]

The DivaCup: Then and Now

For most of our Divas, disposables are now a thing of the past since making the switch! In our latest “Then and Now” social campaign, we remembered many of the amazing advances that, just like The DivaCup, we now cannot imagine living without!   Remember the simpler times? Back when all you had to do to […]