Revolutionize your storefront! Stores that carry The DivaCup and DivaWash stand for more than an alternative to tradition – they stand for environmental sustainability, respect for women’s health and of course cost savings. If you’re like us, you’re constantly looking for products that will help your customers live a better and healthier life

Market research tells us that when it comes to brand loyalty, feminine hygiene products have one of the longest returns on investment. For 35 years women buy the same pad or tampon package, and most often from the same store. We promise, your decision to offer a “green alternative’ in your feminine hygiene aisle will be one you won’t regret. Plus, your customers will thank you for caring for our planet, and their health.

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Diva International is actively pursuing distributors, retailers and e-tailers throughout the world who want to carry our products.

Already a DivaCup retailer?

If you already carry The DivaCup and DivaWash in your store we thank you for your support. We also want to make sure the women in your region know they can count on you to supply them with all they need for a happy, healthier period.

We are always excited to add another Diva retailer to our Store Locator feature, but first we need to a little bit about you and your store.

North America
For retailers within North American please email us at sales@divacup.com with: your company name, location and contact information and we will add you to our online Store Locator within 48 hrs.

For International retailers please fill out our International Profile Form available here.

By joining our Store Locator list, we can drive consumers directly to your store. Many of these women are new customers looking for The DivaCup by name, because they’ve seen our advertising and publicity campaigns or heard about it from a friend.

For additional sales inquiries please email us sales@divacup.com..