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After discovering The DivaCup, women are often surprised by their new found passion for all things period. They are even more surprised when they catch themselves talking loudly about MENSTRUATION (in public) and how often they show off their DivaCup to those around them.

If this sounds like you, welcome home! And if you are not quite there yet, we promise, a few minutes in the Diva Community will give you the passion, ideas and support you need to break free from the traditions of menstrual care.

The Diva Community is a safe and comfortable place where women, of all ages and walks of life can come together and share their personal DivaCup Story. The Diva Community is about you, everyday women, who through blog topics, news, sustainable projects and personal testimony are challenging the conventional menstrual status quo.

Your DivaCup Story doesn’t have to be a long or elaborate novel… although we’d love to hear it! Simply tell us, in a hundred words or less, about how The DivaCup is changing the way you menstruate and we'll even share some of your stories with the rest of the Diva Community on our DivaBlog.

Submit your DivaCup story today!

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