Why Diva?

Many years ago, my mother had a vision. She dreamed of a healthy and eco-friendly feminine hygiene product that would change the lives of women everywhere. Today that dream has become a reality and is empowering women around the world to challenge the menstrual status quo as they discover what it truly means to be a Diva!

Carinne Chambers, CEO/Co-Founder Diva International Inc.

Many women ask us, “Why Diva?”. When planning our vision for Diva International Inc. we wanted to choose a name that would represent the unique and innovative design of our products and our mission to empower the everyday woman with the knowledge she needs to make the right choices for her lifestyle and period care routine.

The name Diva originates in Italy, where it was used to describe a female deity, a powerful woman whose talent resembles that of the gods. In the 1800s the name Diva was used to describe a talented woman, leading the way in music and stage. What better way to empower women than by encouraging them to become a menstrual Diva – a leader in period care! By embracing the innovative products of Diva International women around the world are taking center stage in their menstrual health and extending this empowerment to their daughters, friends, co-workers, neighbors and to all the amazing women in their lives.

Carinne Chambers

Carinne Chambers