My Period Made Me Eat It!

Are period cravings even real? Is it a cultural thing? Are scientists just fooling us with their “maybes” and “probablys”? Or have we all been convinced into believing we have an ironclad reason for binging on junk food once a month?

Honestly, I don’t care. Because chocolate is magical.

It’s not going to cure any bloating, nor will it make that giant zit on your chin disappear. However, chocolate does contain chemicals that stimulate the release of endorphins, our brain’s feel-good chemicals. Additionally, tryptophan, found in chocolate, triggers the release of serotonin, a mood-lifter.

See? Magical.

You may be able to satisfy your period cravings with the sweet treats below, but don’t forget to sub in some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a healthier option that will satisfy your cravings, giving you an extra dose of magnesium to help relieve cramps and relax your muscles.

So, while chocolate doesn’t guarantee to keep all period symptoms at bay, it can help us to momentarily forget our uterine woes. Here are three types of recipes that even a kitchen novice can handle.

1. Hot Chocolate
Cold weather and hot cocoa go hand in hand. It’s the go-to drink after playing in the snow or shoveling the driveway. It can be as easy to make as opening a packet of store-bought cocoa, but where’s the fun in that? Skip the store-bought stuff and pull out milk and chocolate chips. It’s two ingredients that you already have lying around just begging to mingle in a warm mug. Just ask David Chilcott, YouTube’s One Pot Chef. His recipe is a no-brainer, you’ll kick yourself for ever using a store-bought mix. If you’re in a pinch, this one can go in the microwave. No excuses now!

If you really do prefer a mix, making one at home can be a snap. Sarah Carey from Everyday Food shows you how to make a big batch so you can have it on hand anytime. Her simple recipe is easy to follow, add hot almond or coconut milk and you’re done. She even suggests special ingredients to kick up the flavor. It’s a must-have recipe for hot chocolate lovers.


2. Fudge
If you love sticky foods that melt in your mouth, then fudge is the perfect treat for you. Just ask Cara of Forks & Beans. Her allergen-friendly dishes are as good as they look. Her Vegan Fudge recipe will have your mouth watering. The only downside is the sadness you’ll feel once you’ve licked it all off your fingers.

For a treat that will put a little pep in your step, try the Peppermint Mocha Fudge by Wholesomelicious. Even though it has to chill for a couple hours before you can eat it, this treat is definitely worth the wait. The sweet richness from the chocolate and the sharp sensation of the peppermint will keep this one in the goodie rotation. You won’t be sorry, just satisfied.


3. Mug Cakes
Mug cakes are all the rage on Pinterest. There’s a recipe for just about every flavor. Need a gluten-free, eggless, apricot vanilla spice mug cake? There’s a recipe for that! These single-serving cakes are among the simplest of sweet treats and perfect for anyone who can’t be bothered to make a whole cake. Who has time for that anyway?

Rose from Cheap Lazy Vegan has one that will make your mouth water. It takes mere minutes to get the ingredients together and then another two in the microwave. The best part about this cake is that you don’t have to wait 30 minutes for it to bake and another hour for it to cool. You can turn it out onto a plate or eat it straight from the mug. Easy and absolutely scrumptious. Watch her video here.

For some more adventurous chocolate mug cakes, try these from Rosanna Pansino. Keep these in mind the next time you have a hankering for some chocolatey goodness.

Do you have a sweet treat that helps with your cravings? Comment below and tell us your secret weapon against period cravings!





Amy Sharp is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer who works primarily in the women’s health space. A self-proclaimed period enthusiast, Amy has taken her passion for sexual and reproductive health and used that as a springboard for spreading the word via writing. She is also an embroidery artist and creates custom pieces. For more information about working with Amy or her services, contact her at or visit her online portfolio at

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