The Diva Team recently received the below letter from a DivaCup fan. We thought to share it with the Diva Community as a reminder of how the DivaCup makes period care, easier!

Dear DivaCup,

I am in love!


I was buying baby food in a health food store and stumbled upon the DivaCup. I am so happy I did. I had never heard of a menstrual cup before. It was a completely foreign concept to me, but one that I immediately warmed to learn about. I have always hated tampons; I find them uncomfortable. I always feel like they are poking me and drying out my vagina, but I liked them better than pads. Using pads ends with menstrual fluid roaming around all over the place and a general feeling of moistness. So, I bought a DivaCup, on the spot, and anxiously awaited my next period. It recently arrived! And I ADORE my DivaCup.

It makes managing menstrual fluid so much more comfortable and tidy!

Also, I recently started using a hormone-free IUD. I really like the IUD. It is the only hormone free birth control method that I am willing to use. I really want hormone free birth control, but it has made my periods quite a lot heavier than they were before. Heavy enough that I wasn’t sure I would keep my IUD, and I don’t really like any of my other options. The DivaCup makes dealing with heavier periods SO MUCH easier. Really. I’m sure I’ll keep my IUD now. I am so happy to have peace of mind regarding my method of birth control and feminine hygiene.

And finally, after falling in love with the DivaCup I came to your website. And what did I find? I found you all comfortably using the word vagina! And I found an illustration of a vulva–to help girls and women understand all of the (fabulous) vulva bits. I even found you encouraging girls and women to take a good look at their vulvae! Understand them! Be comfortable navigating them!

And then… then I developed a full on crush of all things to the DivaCup.

Thank you! Thank you for all of this.

With much affection,