Hi there!

I am 30-years-old and like many other women I started out with pads early on.

I remember in middle school, pads with wings were not a common product to come by. As one could imagine, it was always an accident waiting to happen.

Later, I “graduated” to wings and thought “WHERE HAVE THESE BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!”

Then came the challenge of summer and as young ladies know the combination of PE, summer, and being on your period are the perfect storm for paranoia. Asking your friends to check your pants for leaks became the norm or even tying a sweater around your waist (it’s interesting that it’s become a throwback fashion trend).

Fast forward to the college years, I finally decided I was grown up enough to move on to tampons. Growing up in a Latin family there were always talk about how only women that are no longer virgins could use tampons. I went ahead with it nervously. I recalled my first attempt at trying a tampon when I was 13, I tried it because one of my best friends at the time used them and I wanted to be cool and try to as well. To save you the trouble, I had no idea what I was doing and I gave up.

At age 21, there I was reading the pamphlet and determined to make this work for me and then SUCCESS! This felt like a godsend. I could finally workout and go about my day without worry.

Well, as time went on I realized that having to change one out every 3-4 hours started to became a hassle. Sometimes I wasn’t around a restroom and what if I had to pee?! I had friends tell me they could pee with one on and I thought, “Well there must be something wrong with my anatomical structure because that has never been the case for me.” I accepted it for years and just went on as usual.

A few years later, I remember a friend bringing up the idea of menstrual cups and I immaturely replied, “EW!” I later saw the error of my response and apologized.

To be honest the idea of a menstrual cup just gave me the “willies” so I put it behind me. Then, in 2015, I discovered there was a huge cyst on my ovary that led to the removal of the entire ovary. After that my cycle continued on schedule but I then decided to switch to organic cotton tampons since I became hyper aware of the products I was using.

I still didn’t feel right even though it was organic. I remembered that previous conversation about the menstrual cup and decided, “What the hell, why not?”

I purchased the DivaCup and immediately went home and watched the company’s YouTube videos about how to use it, and then I cracked my knuckles and said, “Let’s do this.”

I found the push-down fold to be the easiest and much to my surprise it was easy. Now the question was would it hold up?

I tried it on a relaxed weekend and left it in for a normal work day length of time (8 hours) and YES! The DivaCup WORKED! No spill, no accidents, no discomfort. I could use the restroom like normal, it had no harmful ingredients, was easy-to-care-for, eco-friendly, and I could do my fitness routine and not have to worry about it at all!

I became a DivaCup convert for LIFE!


Diary of a Diva

Cindy was born and raised in Southern California and has been happily married for two years. She is a professional Spanish translator and interpreter by day and a green beauty enthusiast and blogger by night. Cindy loves researching healthier natural alternatives and educating herself and others about living an intentionally greener lifestyle.