We’re excited to announce our guest on the DivaCup blog, Amanda – a wife, mother, arts administrator, Master’s Degree student, and more recently, a runner. The idea of using a menstrual cup initially grossed her out, but once she decided to give it a go, she’s glad she did! Read on to learn how switching to the DivaCup boosted Amanda’s running confidence.  

Since having my first daughter five years ago, my period has been somewhat of a nightmare. The first few days of my flow are ridiculously heavy, and I would find myself changing out my tampon every two hours. Attempting to keep my sheets clean through the night was an effort in futility. I’d wake up like someone out of a horror movie, in a pool of my own blood.

But I soldiered on with tampons and pads because I didn’t know any better.

About a year after giving birth to my second daughter, I decided to get back in shape. I started running – a perfect fit because I was already constantly running around chasing after two kids under the age of 4! I absolutely love running. I try to get in at least 30 miles a week. It helps me clear my head, gives me some much needed “me time”, and I always finish feeling that runner’s high.

But whenever it came time for my period, I’d resign myself to the fact that I wouldn’t get to run for a few days – or at least could only do a mile or two.

Though I’d tried many options, none of the tampons I used were ever able to truly handle my flow without leakages. Not only was it embarrassing to come home finding a blood stain on my pants – how long had that been there?! – I was sick of ruining my running gear!

I honestly don’t know when I first heard about menstrual cups. The idea always sort of grossed me out. But after my youngest was diagnosed with leukemia, my family went on an all-natural kick. It was best for her, best for us, and best for the sustainability of our environment. So I figured if I was going to commit to a natural lifestyle, I better go all out. I bought my DivaCup several months ago. It took some practice to master. Well, maybe a lot of practice. I Googled how to do that all-important twist. I read countless testimonies by happy users.

After my first period, I was hooked.

The DivaCup handles my flow like nothing I’ve ever experienced!  I can put it in, and completely forget that I’m even on my period. Even on my heaviest days, I can leave my DivaCup in for 8-12 hours. 

I never worried about running on my period after I started using the DivaCup. But what really sold me, and why I will sing the praises of this product until my dying day, is that I was able to use my DivaCup while I ran my first full-length marathon. I promised myself I would run a marathon before my 30th birthday. It was a big goal when I set it – being 50 pounds heavier then, and never even having finished a 5k – and made even more difficult after my daughter was diagnosed.

But I was committed to doing it, and registered for one in my state on November 1st.

I used my DivaCup throughout my training, and never had any issues. As race week approached I realized that I was going to be on my period during my marathon. Before the DivaCup, I may have given up. I may have requested to defer my entry for next year. I may have seen it as a sign that I just wasn’t meant for marathons. Who wants to change a tampon in a port-a-potty in the middle of a 4 hour run?

But I never gave it a second thought because I knew my DivaCup had my back. There wasn’t a single time during my race that I even thought about the fact that I was on my period.  I just enjoyed the experience. I didn’t check my pants to make sure I hadn’t bled through. I didn’t have to stop every time I ran past a port-a-potty. When I crossed that finish line, the only thing I felt was the pride of my accomplishment.

I am so glad I gave the DivaCup a chance. It’s been such a positive experience. I tell everyone I can that this product will change their lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you DivaCup!

Amanda D.

On being a mom and running marathons

Amanda is a wife of seven years, and a mother to two fantastic girls – Hazel (5) and Margot (3).  She’s an Indiana University graduate, a full-time arts administrator and is currently working toward a Master’s Degree in Library Science. Amanda is a Hoosier through and through, loves the NBA and wishes she was a better golfer. She’s been a runner for the past 3 years and in her spare time she enjoys reading and is an avid baker. She and her girls can often be found at the Farmer’s Market, the coffee shop, or one of the cool local shops in their downtown area.