Jill first heard of the DivaCup during one of her community’s beach clean-ups after finding a used plastic tampon applicator. Between her stressful job, active lifestyle and eco-friendly attitude, it only made sense to give it a go. Read about Jill’s experience using the DivaCup and how it impacted every part of her life. 

My name is Jill, I am a firefighter, surfer and eco-enthusiast and have been using the DivaCup for three months. My life revolves around water; I live on the ocean, I play in the ocean and my job (as a firefighter) uses water daily!

I remember during one of our community beach clean-ups, finding a used tampon applicator in the beach grass and my friend saying: “If more ladies used the DivaCup, we would not find these all over the beach”. She then went on to explain to me, and a few other girls in our group, about how the DivaCup worked and why it was so awesome.

At first it was really hard for me to get past the thought of using a menstrual cup for the first time, and I am sure a lot of girls are afraid to try it because they are skeptical or just nervous. But honestly, it is really not as bad as you think; it just takes a bit of practice, patience and technique.

Once you get it, you will never turn back.

Being a firefighter is a stressful (but rewarding) job. There are enough events going on in the run of my day, my period is something I do not want to have to think about. A part of my job that has now become less stressful is the fact that I do not have to change my DivaCup every few hours (unlike when I used to wear tampons).Not knowing when the next bell is going to ring would have me in the bathroom every few hours to make sure that I always had a fresh tampon in and I was ready for action.

I also found myself at that time of the month in the bathroom at work wrapping wads of toilet paper around my tampons and stuffing them to the bottom of the trash can to hide them. As if sharing a firehouse bathroom with all the guys was not bad enough, I am trying to avoid the embarrassment of leaving behind evidence of my flow. At the end of the day, I would rush to be the first to grab the trash and take it out to the dumpster to prevent one of the boys dumping the can with my hidden treasure at the bottom.

I am an athlete. I play hockey, basketball, volleyball, basically you name it and I have played it. Naturally, living close to the ocean and loving the beach life, I have become obsessed with surfing. My husband and I teach surf lessons at the beach near our house, and we both compete locally.

How many of you have ever worn a wetsuit before?

Where we live (Nova Scotia, Canada), you need to wear a wetsuit (year round) and very, very thick ones in the winter. If you want to stay in the water for a few hours per session, you do not want to have to take off your wetsuit to go to the washroom, and put that freezing cold, soaking wet neoprene suit back on; it is terrible. But, thanks to the DivaCup, I can surf longer sessions and not have to worry about leaks!

I’m going to be a DivaCup advocate in my community and help spread the word.

The DivaCup is amazing. Period.

Jill Manos

Jill is a firefighter, surfer and nature enthusiast who lives on the Eastern Shore in Nova Scotia, Canada. When she is not out fighting fires or competing in surf contests, you will find her enjoying time with her family… by the beach!