Diva™️ Impact Report

Diva Impact Report 2020/2021
Diva Impact Report 2020/2021

Introducing our second annual Diva™️ Impact Report.

Diva has officially released our annual Diva™️ Impact Report. From coast to coast, in Canada and abroad, we’ve partnered with individuals and organizations to eradicate period poverty. This is the mission of Diva, to create a world where all people who menstruate can live life without limits.

Diva Impact Report overview 2020/2021.
Report overview 2020/2021

Notes from our Founder

“I’m proud to be publishing our 2020 Impact Report,” said Diva’s CEO and Founder, Carinne Chambers-Saini. “2020 offered many unique challenges, especially when it came to our impact work. Diva rose to the occasion and reached more people than we ever have before. While there is still so much work to be done, I’m excited for everyone to get an in-depth look at all the important work we do and hope they feel inspired to act.”

Following a year of the devastating impacts of climate change, political unrest, and a global health crisis, Diva’s impact work has become even more crucial.

Carinne Chambers- Saini, CEO & Founder of DivaCup. Thoughts on Diva™️ Impact Report.
Carinne Chambers- Saini, CEO & Founder of DivaCup.

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