First things first, your period is not a curse or punishment. It is not gross, un-ladylike or something to be ashamed of. It is not to be made fun of, laughed at or insulted. Your period, just like you, deserves care, respect and understanding.

It’s not always easy being a teenage girl. Your body changes so much as you go through puberty. All of a sudden you have hair in places you never knew existed, your breasts begin to develop and you are perspiring, just from your walk to school. On top of all this, you now experience a monthly cycle, which for some can be a very scary experience.

She wants to be friends?

We’re here to tell you that you are not alone. Every girl experiences these changes. Some girls will go through puberty at a younger age, while others will be a little older. No matter what age you get your period, it is important to remember that the menstrual cycle is a life process and it plays an important role in creating new life and maintaining your reproductive health.

Rather than viewing your period as getting in the way of your cottage weekend, slumber parties or pep rallies, why not look at it as something that just wants to be your friend?

This way of thinking may take some getting used to as the advertisements of the feminine hygiene industry teach us that our periods are not our friends and that we should throw away any sign of them. These ideas not only produce negative feelings about our body, but it’s rude to your period! Having your period is not supposed to be a secret. The menstrual cycle is a part of every girl’s life and hiding it is the worst thing you can do for yourself and our planet. Think about all the tampons and pads you throw out each month? What a waste!

For these reasons, and many more, we created The DivaCup. Made from top quality healthcare grade silicone, The DivaCup is a healthy reusable solution to disposable tampons and pads. What’s more, The DivaCup allows you to get personal with your period and empowers you with self-knowledge. As you use your cup, you will learn to respect your body and love your flow. Want to know more? Visit our All Things Period page to learn all about your menstrual cycle and health tips to keep your cycle and vagina happy. You can also engage with our Diva Community to connect with young girls, just like you, who are enjoying the convenience and care of The DivaCup.

Talk to a parent about switching to The DivaCup or buy one today from a store near you.