The Diva Team received the below email from a husband who wanted to share the experience of his wife discovering the DivaCup with our team. The following is just one example of how men and woman are joining the conversation of sustainable period care!

Hello everyone at the DivaCup,

My wife recently learned about your product and it has changed her life. Now she goes around to everyone who will listen and sings the praises of her cup. She has convinced a few people to try it, but has been thoroughly disappointed by the push-back she has received from other women. It is in those moments that she feels like a bright, futuristic astronaut visiting a sad, primitive planet, inhabited by a doomed, superstitious race quite beyond help. But then she’s back in her rocket and off to tell the willing universe about the DivaCup!

Unfortunately, the person who she relies on the most to hear her growing list of facts and satisfaction is myself. Now, I am not a robot, I feel happy for her, but she will even wake me in the night to express her DivaCup joy. She even had me write an email back home to a friend of mine, so that her message would spread all the way out to the west coast of Canada, as we now live in the east.

I would like to share that email with you:

To Angel,                                                                                                               12/21/14

This is an email on behest of my Love, who has become both obsessed with a product, and something of an unstoppable advocate for it. She wants the world to know about the DivaCup – the clean, effective, environmentally responsible, economically sensible, reusable, lovable tool, and best friend that permits horseback riding, swimming or just a relaxing evening in your finest drawers and linens, while your aunt Flo is in town. Ladies, the DivaCup takes the period out of the end of the month, and inserts a question mark, as if to say, what’s next? The average woman spends $4000 dollars and sends 10,000 menstrual care products to the landfill in a lifetime. The DivaCup eliminates all of these costly expenses friend, and in a toxic shock free way. Around since the thirties, comparable products have withered in the shadows of more disposable items, but my wife has seen the light, and I quote: “I can’t wait for my next period!” So please, help get the word out, so that my crazed wife will stop waking me up in the middle of the night to exclaim how problem and blood free her sleeps have become. I’m so sick of hearing about the DivaCup. Help….

–      Joshua

So there you have it. Just thought you should know how deeply happy your product has made my wife, and to the extent of its power that even a man in his mid-thirties has been compelled to pen not one but two letters about it.

Congratulations, and on behalf of my wife – thank you.