Extreme Sports

Extreme Sports

For ultimate comfort and protection during your next scuba trip, skydive or jet ski ride, ensure your DivaCup has been inserted properly, that the cup is fully open, the seal is in place and that you can easily rotate the cup in either direction.


The best way to avoid infection when cleaning the DivaCup while travelling or camping is to use potable water. This means that if the water is safe to drink, it is safe to use to clean your DivaCup.

Camping Tips

Depending on the type of camping trip you are on, your method for cleaning your DivaCup will vary. Remember that when you don’t have access to a bathroom, The DivaCup can be wiped out with tissue and washed and rinsed at the next convenient time. Always be sure to wash your hands before inserting or removing The DivaCup.

According to the guidelines of Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, when camping in the back country and with no access to proper disposal facilities, please use standard “cathole” practices. Also, observe the practice of containing your flow in a sealed plastic bag and hang it in a “bear bag” with other trash away from other animals.

Cathole: Catholes should be dug 6 to 8 inches deep at least 200 feet from water, camp, trails, and drainages. Bring a trowel to dig the hole, and disguise it well after use.

Bear Bag: In bear country, hang “smellables” from tree limbs 12 feet off the ground, 6 feet from the tree’s trunk, and 6 feet below the supporting limb, or store it in specially designed bear-resistant canisters or on-site lockers.