Internal Matters

Physically, the DivaCup is suitable for women of all ages (even if you cannot wear tampons) as the vaginal canal is made up of very flexible tissue and muscles. After being stretched, after vaginal intercourse or childbirth, the tissue returns back to its normal size.

Please Note: The DivaCup should only be worn during menstruation and should not be worn during any other time of the month.

The DivaCup sits low in the vaginal canal, away from the cervix, and because it is made from medical grade non-absorbent silicone it should not irritate the inside of your vagina, if cleaned and cared for properly. With regards to concerns over infections such as, cervicitis, yeast infections or Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) please consult your physician prior to using The DivaCup. If at any time during your use of The DivaCup you experience any discomfort, discontinue use and contact your physician.

When Not to Use

There is no known increased risk of yeast infections with the use of menstrual cups. However, if you have a vaginal infection, it is best to discontinue use of The DivaCup until the infection has cleared up completely. It is unknown if yeast (Candida albicans) can be completely eliminated with boiling, therefore we suggest replacing the cup with a new one if you had a yeast infection while using The DivaCup. Please refer to your User Guide and visit our Care and Cleaning page for detailed instructions on boiling your cup.

Also, never use the cup at the same time that a topical medication is being used. The medication may compromise the silicone and ruin the cup. If this happens, please replace the cup with a new one.

The DivaCup should not be used during postnatal bleeding. We suggest you contact your physician before using any internal feminine hygiene product after childbirth.

For further questions concerning vaginal infections and use of a menstrual cup, please contact a physician or healthcare provider.


Synthetic latex rubber and natural latex or gum rubber contain a protein called "nitrosamine". This is the chemical that produces the allergic reaction that many people have to latex. The DivaCup is made from durable top quality, medical grade silicone that is suitable for use by those with latex allergies, because it is nitrosamine and latex-free. You can learn more about the manufacturing process of the DivaCup here.

The DivaCup: One could have sensitivity to any substance, but it is extremely rare to have sensitivity to silicone. Studies indicate that silicone is biocompatible with the body. This is why silicone has been used in healthcare applications for over 50 years. If you do experience skin sensitivity, immediately discontinue use and contact your health care provider.

Packaging: Please note that the packaging for our products of the DivaCup and DivaWash comes from a variety of sources, and because of this we cannot guarantee that the packaging is free of gluten, tree nuts or peanuts; however, the DivaCup itself does not contain any of these ingredients.

Above all, should you have any concerns about allergies, please consult your physician or dermatologist.

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