We are committed to advancing the menstrual equity movement, and are honored to introduce our very first DivaCares Impact Report.

DivaCares has always been core to what we do here at Diva. Since our start we have offered our products, at no cost, to organizations in need around the world. Diva International Inc. was founded to improve people’s lives by revolutionizing the period experience. We decided to put together an impact report to help shine a light on the challenges people who menstruate face, and to amplify their stories.

What is DivaCares?

DIvaCares Impact Report menstrual equity partner page

Founded on three pillars of education, advocacy and access, the social impact program of Diva International aims to improve people’s lives by providing financial support, educational resources and product donation. Forming meaningful partnerships with a host of organizations across the globe, DivaCares is addressing the plight of period poverty—the lack of access to sanitary products, education, and menstrual care.

DivaCares Impact

Over the course of the program’s first year DivaCares has diverted the use and production of 3.6 million disposable menstrual products by donating over 15,000 DivaCups (equal to over USD $600,000) and creating more access to sustainable period care. DivaCares partnerships have also served over 180,000 periods worldwide in the last year alone.

“It is shocking that today communities around the globe, and people who are incarcerated or experiencing homelessness still do not have access to such an essential need as period care,” said Carinne Chambers-Saini, CEO and co-founder of Diva International Inc. “We have been working with communities and organizations to eradicate period poverty since the DivaCup came into existence in 2001. DivaCares is our urgent response to the pandemic of period poverty that is effecting so many people around the world.”

DivaCares Partnerships

In 2019 DivaCares created meaningful partnerships with organizations such as:

  • Diva Day, a Toronto-based organization that keeps Kenyan girls in school by providing them with the proper resources and education on menstrual management and products.
  • The Native Youth Sexual Health Network, an organization by and for Indigenous Youth that works across issues of sexual reproductive health, rights, and access in Canada and the United States.
  • Be A Rose, who provides health and wellness education to underserved women and school-age girls in Kenya, as well as educational support for new Americans and refugees in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Black Women’s Blueprint, an organization whose flagship project, ‘The Sistas Van’, is a mobile healing unit which supplies resources, support, and products to Black women in need in Brooklyn, New York.

It is because of our amazing partners that DivaCares can make an impact. You can see a full list of the organizations we have worked with around the world on pages 12 and 13 in our Impact Report.

The dedication and passion that they bring to the menstrual equity movement motivates and inspires our team to continue in our commitments year after year. From all of us at Diva, we want to say thank you to each one of our DivaCares partners.

This is just the start.

Diva Day menstrual equity partner

The first official year of our DivaCares program has been an amazing experience! Together with our partners, we are challenging stigma around periods, helping to normalize menstruation and integrate menstrual equity into discussions about human rights.

Learn more about the ongoing social impact initiatives of Diva International on our DivaCares website.