When she gets her first period, if anyone knows what your daughter is feeling, it’s you. Rather than giving her a box of tampons and a "How to Guide" on all things period, why not give her something better, your time.

When it comes to our daughters, there are many firsts. First tooth, first word, first steps and one we often don’t consider, her first period. Unlike her first steps, we rarely bring out the video camera to film the experience, call family to share the news or update our Facebook status with “Proud mommy today: Lindsey got her first period!”

Why not? Although menstrual care has come a long way since we were teenagers, popular ideas of shame and secrecy continue to be passed down to our daughters. Isn’t it about time we create a new tradition for our daughters?

From one mom to the next, we know what it is like to watch your little princess grow up. As she goes through the many changes puberty brings, be sure to stand by her and offer your expertise, even when she says she doesn’t need you.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve put a few ideas together to help you get started.

Celebrate: Take your daughter out to dinner or for ice cream when she gets her first period. By celebrating her cycle, you will show her that it is a positive, not negative, experience.

Educate: It’s rare, but sometimes moms don’t have all the answers. But we do know how to find them. By engaging in the latest news of menstrual culture, visiting blogs, community forums and teen girl websites, you can become an expert on "All Things Period". Our website offers great insight on The DivaCup, DivaCup Q&AsAll Things Period and ways you and your daughter can also help Spread the Word about this amazing product.

Connect: It is important that you talk with your daughter on a regular basis about the changes she is experiencing. Make it a habit to check in with her once a month.

Go Green: When your daughter gets her period, you will probably notice an increase in monthly spending. The cost of stocking feminine hygiene products in your home adds up over the years, especially when you multiply that by two or more young girls. The DivaCup is cost effective, helps reduce waste and gives your family a positive eco-footprint. Green your Cycle today!

Share: Talk openly and positively about menstruation with your family - that means everyone, even your boys. Teaching your sons and husband about what actually goes on during menstruation will teach them to respect women and take better care of the women in their life.

Try It!: The best way to teach your daughter about sustainable menstrual care is to embrace it yourself. Remember, there aren’t many firsts you and your daughter can experience together. Buy The DivaCup for yourself and your daughter today by finding a store near you.

Have some tips of your own? Visit our Diva Community to share your insight and engage with other moms who are helping to change the face of feminine hygiene.

Medical Concerns

The use of any internal feminine hygiene product often causes anxiety in parents and young teens. Concern over pain, the hymen breaking and your daughter’s overall health are common to most moms. We’ve done our research for our daughters and wanted to share it with you.

Please Note: The following is meant to be informational in nature and is not offered as medical advice, nor does it substitute for consultation with your physician. If you have any gynecological/medical concerns or conditions regarding your daughter’s use of internal feminine hygiene products, we encourage you to consult your physician.


Depending on the shape and size of a woman’s hymen, insertion of The DivaCup may cause some discomfort, but after a few tries, your daughter won’t even notice she's wearing it. Physically, The DivaCup is suitable for women of all ages as the vagina is made up of very flexible tissue and muscles. Women's bodies are designed this way to be able to stretch to deliver a baby, wear an internal feminine hygiene product and have sex. After being stretched the tissue of the vagina returns back to its normal size. Like any new product, The DivaCup may take a few tries to get used to, but is the most comfortable menstrual care product when inserted correctly.

The Hymen

We are sorry to say but Shakespeare had it all wrong when he referred to the hymen as “The Virgin-knot”. Like tampons, The DivaCup does not affect the state of a woman’s virginity. While The DivaCup may stretch or break the hymen, it is important to remember that a woman is a virgin because she has not had sex. You may be interested to know that some girls are born without a hymen and activities such as horseback riding, biking and gymnastics can break the hymen without a girl even knowing it happened.

Menstrual Health

If you are concerned about your daughter’s menstrual health, providing her with a reusable menstrual care solution like The DivaCup or reusable cloth pads will be the best thing for her. Disposable tampons and pads can leave harmful residue in the vagina, leaving your daughter uncomfortable and possibly at risk of infection. Remember, the non-absorbent healthcare grade silicone material of The DivaCup collects, not absorbs, menstrual flow, which leaves the natural environment and pH levels of the vagina undisturbed.

Learn more about The DivaCup and menstrual health by visiting our All Things Period and Medical Questions resource pages.