First Period Kit

Introduce your teen to the Inner Revolution™ with our First Period Kit.
We’ve put together everything they’ll need to make their periods worry-free and convenient.
Don’t choose the status quo, choose comfortable, eco-friendly protection.
  • Includes DivaCup Model 0, DivaWash, DivaWipes, ShakerCup, #innerrevolution t-shirt & backpack, both DivaPin & RetroPin, extra DivaPouch, DivaCup pen & notepad, DivaCares Handbook and DivaCup information guide.
  • From Oct 26 to Dec 7, 2020 5% of our sales from the First Period Kit will go towards Diva Day to support menstrual education.
  • Questions? We have answers in our FAQ’s.
  • This product is not eligible for additional discounts or coupons.
Over $90 value!
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