With the shorter days in winter, and less sunlight, it’s no wonder that when spring arrives, so too does our drive to finish up household projects, de-clutter and spring clean! Our energy levels are fueled by natural sunlight, helping us be more alert and more willing to get out there and do something.

While I love seeing spring come into season, I am not a huge fan of the cleaning and organizing that seems to also come with the start of a new season. I like the idea of everything having a place where it belongs, but with the weather so nice, it’s hard to imagine spending the time indoors.

For this reason, the Diva Team has put together a few Spring Cleaning Tips to help you get started!

One Room Rule

It’s hard to commit to cleaning an entire house or apartment in just one day, which is why setting aside a day for each room will give you the time you need to clean well, and still enjoy the nice weather.

Inside and Out

Surface cleaning is not enough to keep things tidy. For example, the clutter on the outside of your fridge can be just as overwhelming as the two week old leftovers in the fridge. Free up space on your fridge door by recycling holiday cards, grocery lists and other out dated paper notices. Give small appliances like your coffee maker a thorough clean by running a cycle of white vinegar through them.

Supply Choices

When choosing a cleaning tool, choose reusable where possible. Microfiber cloths (window care), feather or wool dusters and reusable spray bottles are all great options. Additionally, DIY and organic cleansers most often work better than those laden with chemicals and are safe for children and pets to be around.

Hanger Trick

At the start of the season flip your hangers so all the hooks face the same direction. Each time you wear a shirt, flip the hanger around. At the end of the season, give the clothes whose hanger didn’t switch direction away to a local charity.

Get in There

For those with tiles, whether in the bathroom, kitchen or flooring, this DIY tile grout cleaner is great for clearing up the debris and faded colour.

Exercise Gear Care

Your water bottle, yoga mat, weights and elliptical machine also need a good clean every so often. Try these simple yoga mat cleaning and reusable water bottle care tips before settling into your next sun salutation.

Sink Care

Kitchener sinks, showers and tubs are some of the most commonly used spaces in a home. With this DIY sink and tub cleaner you can turn those grayish white sinks and faded metals to look brand new.

Wall Care

Our places are full of them, but how often do we actually clean off? Take down pictures, move the furniture from the wall and gently wipe down the walls with a good dusting mitt or cold water and a nonabrasive sponge. Be sure to use the right cleaning solution for the type of paint on each wall.

Share your spring cleaning tip with the Diva Community today!