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It is a well-known fact that no matter where we live in the world, as women, we all share in the experience of menstruation. Yet, depending on regional location and cultural norms and practices the experience can vary from one woman to the next.

While many women have access to disposable and reusable feminine hygiene products, there are still many communities that have limited access to clean water, health care and life essentials, such as feminine hygiene protection.

In some regions, women and girls are forced to use old rags, mud and leaves to care for their periods. Disposables are rarely an option, and when they are available, they are extremely expensive and often pose a serious environmental risk as there is seldom an appropriate infrastructure in place to handle the waste from plastic wrappers, applicators and synthetic fibers.

Communities of women who struggle with poverty and homelessness also face many challenges when it comes to accessing feminine hygiene products. While menstrual cups may seem like a great solution for these women, limited access to clean water and health care services pose a serious health concern for women as the cup cannot be properly cleaned or cared for and access to medical care is often lacking.

Diva International Inc. is committed to helping women find access to feminine hygiene products. If there is an organization that you feel may benefit from our support please contact our team at info@divacup.com.

Below are some of the organizations Diva proudly supports through product donation or in kind financial support.






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