Guest Post: Sex Ed and The DivaCup

SexpressionsLate last year, through the support of Diva International Inc. Sexpressions joined Dr. Ruth and Jane Fonda for the National Sex Ed Conference in New Jersey. Organized by the Center for Sex Education, an extension of Planned Parenthood of Central and Greater Northern New Jersey, the conference hosted over 600 sex educators from around the world. It was an amazing experience to introduce The DivaCup to curious sex educators and meet even more fellow fans.

Between Jane Fonda opening up about her own experiences as a teen and Dr. Ruth making a young sex educator turn completely red onstage, many sex ed leaders approached a kiosk hosted by Diva’s sex education partner Sexpressions and excitedly asked about The DivaCup. With more than a few double takes, educators learned how the cup works, getting more and more excited and asking a stream of questions. A few of the excited conclusions were “It’s fantastic that they work for most women with different body types”!

Many of the participants excitedly took the information, and shared being happy to have an alternative option to discuss menstrual care, beyond the traditional methods. When the kiosk got too busy to answer everyone’s questions, dedicated fans stepped in and started introducing other sex educators to The DivaCup on the spot.

It was great to see the knowledge being shared!

With so many new fans… people were telling their colleagues and friends, and participants were seeking out “the diva kiosk” by lunch the first day!

Ready to take a The DivaCup home with them on the spot, many people, just introduced to the cup, were excited about the Demo DivaCup Ktis they received and eager to find a retailer in their home town! Sex educators took home over 200 Demo DivaCup Kits to teach their students and clients, and many looked forward to hearing how their students would respond.

Stephanie.M.Stephanie Mitelman, M.A., CSE Stephanie is Montreal’s only certified sexuality educator and a national trainer on issues of sexual health and youth sexuality. She teaches at McGill and Concordia Universities, and is a founding member of The Sexual Health Network of Quebec. In 2000, she started Sexpressions, which offers sexual health resources and training for teachers and front-line healthcare workers. She also regularly trains and consults in Aboriginal communities across Canada and on sex education for youth with special needs, particularly those with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Visit Sexpressions today to learn more!

Diary of a Diva: Generosity on Wheels!

Elsa-HikingIn November I received a message from The DivaCup: “Our team would be happy to send you a DivaCup and DivaWash to take along with you in your journey.” It took them only hours to reply! Stoked.

It is my honor to announce that The DivaCup is joining me on an epic cycling adventure that will take me through the wild plains of Central America.I love the idea of the mystery, intrigue and the unknown as DivaCup joins me on the road of a better World!

The adventure I am calling “Generosity on Wheels” is primarily focused on empowering people around the world to go beyond fear by stepping into the unknown where the greatest growth lies. We shouldn’t be afraid to go for our realistic goals that inspire our core being and motivate us by getting up every morning to do what we really love to do.

And in addition to shaping my legs into the fittest they have ever been:

  • I will live off the grid
  • I will live and promote eco-friendly, sustainable and healthy lifestyle;
  • I will use gratitude as my only currency;
  • Therefore, I will rely on the generosity of amazing people for food & water, and maybe even accommodation (setting up my tent/hammock on their property);
  • And I will raise funds for charity;

GenerosityOnWheels-logo-1000px (1)I am literally stepping up my current travels “The Power of Generosity” – unsupported and unfunded travels around the world using only travel which is free or bartered for in exchange for work or professional services. I started this life-changing journey at the end of March in 2014 and I have traveled through 8 different countries (6 in Asia, 4 in South America).

The upcoming adventure, “Generosity on Wheels”, will start in March 2015 from Panama City, and from there it goes all the way through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize, and finally through Mexico to the U.S. border. This would be my longest cycling adventure ever, and it’s going to be an adventure of a lifetime!

My wish for months has been to get to know the generosity of people in different cultures, and now as Central America being my next leg, I am very excited to see how it all turns out there.

But to make the “Generosity on Wheels” happen I need support and therefore I have reached out to numerous businesses (for bicycle, camping, bio-products, etc. goods) whose products I can promote on the road less traveled.

In addition to all of this I have created a public campaign at IndieGogo to make sure that I will get those wheels rolling.

I really want to express my greatest gratitude to The DivaCup. I see their involvement in my adventure very powerfully because their vision and mission, women empowerment, aligns with mine. I know that their products have already shaped the world and they will continue doing so in a bigger scale.

You won’t believe how many tampons I have in my bag at the moment. It is NUTS. I am so excited to loosen the weight in my bag. Most importantly, it is all about having a sustainable menstrual care option and saying goodbye to all the chemicals! No time for TOXINS in my body.

I am so grateful to be a lucky Diva who can test the world class revolutionary products’ “roadworthiness” while enjoying maximum comfort on the road. I am already confident that I will never, and I mean never, use tampons or pads again.

But it is just a matter of confirming it.

Yes, Yes, Yes – Bring It ON! I am honored to promote The DivaCup in my journey!

We women can take our health in our own hands, and at the same time be eco-friendly with resusable and affordable options!

I am inviting you to follow my epic adventure through the wild beauty of Central America on Facebook  or my website.

Elsa-BikeElsa Saks Elsa is a World traveler from Estonia who has traveled through many beautiful parts of the World – Australia, 6 countries in Asia and 4 countries in South America. Before she embarked on the road less traveled she was making a career as a Systems Business Analyst. Over time, Elsa decided to step into the unknown to see what the World had to offer. She was extremely excited to discover her adventurous spirit that was longing to get out. Follow Elsa’s journey here.

Guest Post: Back from the desert!

In the summer of 2014, we featured a guest post about two amazing woman from Quebec, Canada who were getting ready to compete in the 14th Trophée Roses des Sables, a woman only orientation rally in the Moroccan desert. The team is back and with a full report for the Diva Community!

dcWhere to begin…

Myself (Emmanuelle Beauregard) acted as the co-pilot along with my good friend, Caroline Ouellette, who acted as the pilot. We entered the race excited for the challenge and ready for the adventure of our lives! As team #229, ”les demoi-zèles des dunes” we were ready for whatever was coming our way.

We proudly finished 36th on the official ranking (there was a total of 150 teams). The Trophée Roses Des Sables is a really unique experience for women. Women from around the world compete together in a non-traditional environment. Our limits are pushed not only as women, but as individuals. We were faced with many challenges, but together we were able to overcome them all!

On our first day, we encountered a sand storm, which was really intense as we were trying to set up and get settled with supplies for the following day. Driving in pure sand is in itself a continuous battle. We got lost a few times, which in the desert can be a bit concerning as it was a new terrain for both of us. We also had the chance to test our mechanic skills, changing both tires on our truck after they blew out when we hit a rock in the sand.

DSC09387Some may be wondering, what exactly does food and shelter look like in the desert? For food, we had traditional Moroccan bread as well as mint tea for breakfast every morning before leaving for the “challenge of the day”. As we were responsible for our lunches we bought some bread, paté, granola bars and dry fruit from France, which was enough to get us through the day on the road. For dinner all the teams ate together at the camp, mostly traditional Moroccan foods – couscous, soup, etc. Each team also had a tent for two in the bivouac, except for during the “marathon” challenge (48 hours in total autonomy) where we had the chance to sleep out in the open. The sky was amazing! It was hard, but we are proud that we could finish the rally. And… our friendship is stronger than ever!

While on the journey, we also had the chance to meet a lot of wonderful women who had inspiring stories to share and admirable reasons for why they chose to participate in the race.

divacup-(2)We are grateful to the Diva Community for helping us achieve our pre-rally goals and were pleased to feature The DivaCup logo on our 4×4 during the entire race – which was a great conversation starter. We had a number of conversations about The DivaCup with other participants during the race. We quickly learned that The DivaCup is not as recognized in France as it is in North America. But although new to many of the women, they were very interested and intrigued with the product. When you are living in the desert for a week with minimal sanitary installation, you realize how practical The DivaCup is to use.


Emmanuelle and Caroline

Emmanuelle Beauregard is a sexologist, massage therapist and a DivaCup enthusiast since 2006. She discovered The DivaCup during university while involved with the environmental committee. Caroline Ouellette, is a sexologist, social worker (in training) and has been a proud DivaCup user since 2007.

Diary of a Diva: Dear DivaCup,

DivaCup on BagThe Diva Team recently received the below letter from a DivaCup fan. We thought to share it with the Diva Community as a reminder of how The DivaCup makes period care, easier!


Dear DivaCup,

I am in love!


I was buying baby food in a health food store and stumbled upon The DivaCup. I am so happy I did. I had never heard of a menstrual cup before. It was a completely foreign concept to me, but one that I immediately warmed to learn about. I have always hated tampons; I find them uncomfortable. I always feel like they are poking me and drying out my vagina, but I liked them better than pads. Using pads ends with menstrual fluid roaming around all over the place and a general feeling of moistness. So, I bought a DivaCup, on the spot, and anxiously awaited my next period. It recently arrived! And I ADORE my DivaCup.

It makes managing menstrual fluid so much more comfortable and tidy!

Also, I recently started using a hormone-free IUD. I really like the IUD. It is the only hormone free birth control method that I am willing to use. I really want hormone free birth control, but it has made my periods quite a lot heavier than they were before. Heavy enough that I wasn’t sure I would keep my IUD, and I don’t really like any of my other options. The DivaCup makes dealing with heavier periods SO MUCH easier. Really. I’m sure I’ll keep my IUD now. I am so happy to have peace of mind regarding my method of birth control and feminine hygiene.

And finally, after falling in love with The DivaCup I came to your website. And what did I find? I found you all comfortably using the word vagina! And I found an illustration of a vulva–to help girls and women understand all of the (fabulous) vulva bits. I even found you encouraging girls and women to take a good look at their vulvae! Understand them! Be comfortable navigating them!

And then… then I developed a full on crush of all things to The DivaCup.

Thank you! Thank you for all of this.

With much affection,