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DivaCup Testimonial - Nothing makes me feel as strong Captain Mavel or as rad as @brielarson than getting my DivaCup inserted in record time
DivaCup Testimonial - 9 hours into my first 12 hour day with @TheDivaCup and it's 100% comfortable!!
DivaCup Testimonial - Just switched and I am in love.
DivaCup Testimonial - The DivaCup is everything I didn't know I needed
DivaCup Testimonial - I love mine. I have been using them for at least 6 years
DivaCup testimonial - The support I feel from my DivaCup is unmatched
DivaCup Testimonial - I am 34 with four term pregnancies and I have more than my share of issues with feminine hygiene products and I will never go back.
DivaCup Testimonial - The most responsible purchase I made this year was a DivaCup
DivaCup Testimonial - I just thought to myself as I reinserted mine in the shower tonight how quickly I can do it these days.
DivaCup testimonial - I wonder how many tampons I've save by switching to a DivaCup

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