How to Choose the Right Planner


Ah, September. It is a time of lattes and plaid and perhaps most importantly, back to school shopping. But before you go all out on your new college wardrobe, don’t forget about your school supplies. Finding the perfect day-to-day planner is a key part of your back to school preparation, and lucky for you there are many options to choose from. But how do you find the right one? Well, let me help you with that.

What will you use it for?

If you are using your planner strictly for school then your needs may be different than if you are planning to use it to keep track of plans with friends and your fitness schedule. The same rule applies if you are using a planner to schedule out how much time you will spend on assignments versus a to do list.

Planners come with many different layouts. Weekly, and hourly are the most common and each comes with its own set of pros and cons.

How to Choose the Right Agenda | The Campus Diva with The DivaCupA weekly planner is great for scheduling in when things are due, and planning out when you should start working on that essay. But it doesn’t leave you tons of room for details about whom, what and when you should hand things in. That being said, I like this type of planner as it helps me to keep track of my cycle so there are no surprise visits from Mother Nature (though, I always have The DivaCup in my bag just in case.)

An hourly planner is great for scheduling out what your day is going to look like, and how much time you are going to spend on each assignment. They can help you stay on track day-to-day; however often lack the capacity for thorough planning ahead due to its nature of being daily, rather than weekly.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a layout is who you are as a person and what you need help with. If you need help managing your time and avoiding procrastination, then maybe an hourly planner is right for you. If you need help remembering important dates and seeing what you have planned all at once, then a weekly planner might be for you. If you aren’t sure, you can look online for sample pages and try each one out!

 How big is your writing?How to Choose The Right Agenda | Campus Diva with The DivaCup

I have always been jealous of girls with small, neat handwriting because I was cursed with over sized chicken scratch. For me, that means I need a planner with some space for me to write. But you can get smaller, purse-sized planners if you have smaller writing and are looking for something a little more convenient to carry around.

What are you willing to spend?

Planners range anywhere from $5.00 to $60.00, and for some that is a ridiculous amount to pay and for others, it is worth the investment. If you are trying to save some money on your school supplies, reach out to your school and see if they provide planners for students. Many campuses do, though be prepared for them to be basic. If you are looking for a little more customization, check out some of the pricier planners online or your local bookstore for more options.

It is easy to get lost in a sea of options when it comes to finding the right planner for your upcoming semester, but remember that the most important thing is that you are able to use it! If it deters you from using it or frustrates you to no end then it is going to be completely useless to you and you’ll never check when that project is due or what exam you have on Tuesday. So find something you like to use and plan your little heart out (just don’t forget to actually DO your assignments).





From Intern to Student: Heading back to Campus with The DivaCup

Hello Divas!

My name is Emma, and for the last four months I have been working alongside the wonderful men and women of Diva International Inc. as a Communications and Marketing Assistant.

Before I had the pleasure of interviewing for this position, I had little knowledge of The DivaCup and had many of the same reactions as many young women; “How can that be comfortable?”, “Yuck”, and “What’s wrong with tampons?”

In all honesty, I never really experienced any true horror stories with tampons. I struggled with common issues that I had accepted as part of being a woman, like my tampon leaking and ruining a pair of underwear, multiple bathroom breaks during class, reaching into my school bag for a tampon to find that I had none left, and the ever-present worry of standing up and having a stain on my pants. It wasn’t until after I began using The DivaCup that I became aware of how cumbersome tampons had been throughout my life and that there was no need to put up with the unreliability of other products.

Now that summer is coming to a close (and with it my internship), I will be heading back to school to finish up my degree in Public Relations. While I am sad to be leaving, I am excited to share my experiences with my classmates and be an advocate for The DivaCup on campus. It is truly a relief to know that I will not have to stress about my monthly visitor on top of my hectic schedule of class, assignments, work, client meetings and attempting to maintain a healthy social life.

Getting the opportunity to work on projects such as The DivaCup’s #DivaCelebrates giveaway (where I got to celebrate The DivaCup’s arrival at CVS) and helping to promote The DivaCup’s new commercial has been a rewarding adventure. From writing social posts to newsletters to campaign materials, I can now say I know more than I ever thought possible about periods and vaginal health! Thank you to everyone at Diva International Inc. for making my internship an awesome learning experience. I look forward to following The DivaCup and seeing what you have planned next!

P.S. Keep an eye out for my college-inspired blog series with The DivaCup coming soon. Everything you need to know about campus, periods and making the most of your academic career!

EMMA-12Emma is a 3rd year Bachelor of Public Relations Student at Conestoga College. When she isn’t at class or working, she likes to spend her time eating sushi with friends, practicing handstands during commercial breaks or riding her beautiful horse, Rozee. Emma looks forward to applying the skills she learned at Diva International Inc. to her work and life for years to come.



Diary of a Diva – Just Keep Swimming with The DivaCup!

I am currently a junior in college.  I play soccer and softball during the year and during the summer I am in and out of the pool, lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons, surfing in the ocean and running on the beach.

My life is very active and very busy.unnamed (1)

One day at college, as I entered the bathroom, a girl was standing outside a stall talking to another girl.  When I asked them what they were doing, one of them explained The DivaCup to me.  The girl outside the stall said she was instructing the other girl on how to insert The DivaCup.  She then proceeded to explain to me what it was.

I was interested but didn’t really think much of it after that.

This past summer, my cousin and I were taking a scuba diving certification class and the day was fast unnamedapproaching where we were going to have to spend about 4 hours in a thick wetsuit.  Four days before the certification test I thought about The DivaCup and was really wishing I had one.  I talked to my mom about it.  She read the entire website, then said I could get one. So I went out the next day and bought one.  I came home and tried several times to put it in, with little success as to the comfortability of it.  As I was complaining to one of my friends that also has The DivaCup, she mentioned I should trim the stem.  Brilliant idea!  The next day I was able to wear it for the full 12 hours with no problems.  And when the certification day came I had no worries.

My light green swim bottoms were still light green and it was a great feeling.

The best part about The DivaCup is that you can actually go to the bathroom while wearing it. I was definitely worried about that, no longer need to be concerned.  If The DivaCup is properly fitted, you should have no problems.  I am able to wake up at 6 am to workout, teach swim lessons at 8, lifeguard for 3 hours, go to work around 3 and come home for dinner at 6, just in time to empty the cup.  It’s a wonderful feeling not having to worry about overflowing the tampon anymore… or even having to carry them around!!

Katie is a junior in college who loves being active outdoors and playing sports. She plays water polo, soccer and softball. On top of her active lifestyle, she is constantly in the pool teaching swim lessons and life guarding.



{Guest Post} New Frontier: The Pelvic Region

Ask any woman, anywhere, when she got her first period, and she will be able to tell you about it, plus more:  her location, what she was wearing (or not), the circumstances, how she felt. Ask any woman, anywhere, about her bladder, her bowels, her reproductive system, hygiene, and the anatomy below her belt, and she may make a few guesses, having a vague sense of what goes on down there, or refuse to answer anything having to do with bladder health, bowel health, or hygiene because it’s too embarrassing.

When Women’s Health Foundation conducted its first studies around adolescent pelvic health knowledge back in 2010, the team was surprised to learn that 65% of the girls in the study were already experiencing some sort of pelvic health issue, including light bladder leakage, and that many more were uncertain about menstruation, believing that they shouldn’t participate in their regular activities, much less go to school. It was even hard to convince a few that there are three pelvic openings, not two. From that point to now, it has been clear that our mission requires us to teach “beyond the period,” and widen the scope of knowledge by heading into new territory.

We need to step into puddles of stigma and chop through the branches of grossed-out, ASAP.High Resolution Front Cover.4953585

At WHF, we love the historical and informative websites, the hilarious videos, the thoughtful books, and the innovative products that by design help women face what they have down there, what makes them female, how they define themselves, and that it’s ok to look, to feel, and to be in awe. Take the menstrual cup: The DivaCup’s very cool introduction of this historical and humble implement has provided a way to break a taboo barrier into that new frontier. Yes, it’s about the practical capture of menstrual flow, but it’s also about activating the senses such as sight and touch, actually integrating understanding of pelvic muscles and structures (bones), reproductive health, and personal hygiene.


WHF’s adolescent research and resulting curriculum have been captured in a new book called Below Your Belt: How to be Queen of Your Pelvic Region by Missy Lavender, Founder and Executive Director of Women’s Health Foundation, and Jeni Donatelli Ihm, WHF’s health educator and pelvic fitness instructor. Its publication this fall marks an important and exciting time in the state of health education for tween and teen girls. Below Your Belt is Pelvic Navigation 101. We’re so excited to be on the brink of a collective “AHA!” moment when girls and women shift their thinking from period to pelvic. Call it “PRE-sex education” or “about time.”

(And, gosh, who wouldn’t want to read about “Pee and Me” and “Constipation Consternation”? Or meet Ovum, the Princess of Ovulation?)

We’re truly grateful to companies such as The DivaCup who have helped clear the path. The more we talk openly, the more openly we can teach. The more openly we teach, the more deeply into this new paradigm – or frontier – we can venture.

logo_smallWomen’s Health Foundation (WHF) is a nonprofit organization formed in 2004 by Missy Lavender. With the simple yet powerful mission to improve the pelvic health of all women and girls, Missy created WHF to be the nation’s most visible and passionate champion of pelvic wellness issues. They are committed to improving women’s pelvic health and wellness by driving cutting-edge research initiatives, developing and offering community-based education and fitness programs, fostering conversation and creating communities for women, and serving as a national resource on pelvic wellness issues. Today, WHF is made up of individuals united in their goal — to bring pelvic health and wellness to all women.



Diary of a Diva: Period on its way… no problem!

I had been confined to the idea that tampons and pads were my only period options.

Finding out about The DivaCup and then giving it a try has been a Godsend!!The DivaCup

I hated pads because they felt like diapers. Though they are better than they used to be, I still found them uncomfortable, smelly, sticky and leaky!! I switched to tampons when I was younger in an attempt to find some discreet way to have my monthly reminder. However the older I got, the more painful it became to use tampons (let’s not forget about the leaking issue)!

The DivaCup has changed my life.

It’s so discreet you don’t have to change it every time you go to the restroom. I love that I only have to clean it a few times a day. I can wear all my favorite clothes without the worry of a leak.

I am active at the gym – no problem.
When running – no problem.
Sitting or lying down – no problem!!

I feel like I am finally free from the period prison I was in.

I felt I needed to say something because I want to encourage any woman searching for an alternative to give The DivaCup a try.

Your period will never be the same!

Thank you DivaCup!

Diary of a Diva | The DivaCupBio: Maggie

When not busy working in insurance, Maggie enjoys traveling, blogging about being a vegetarian, and giving back to her community by supporting the Special Olympics and The Freestore Foodbank. Her favorite place to visit is Brisbane, Australia, where she hopes to live one day.