We know that there are hundreds of reasons to switch to the DivaCup, but don’t just take our word for it!

We asked thousands of users what their reason for using the DivaCup was. Below are our top 50 favorite reasons!

50 Reasons to Diva

1. Spend less on your period so you can spend more on things that matter.

With a large family, I need to save every penny I can. Buying this item cuts the cost of feminine care products for my cycles down to nothing for a long time. Not having to spend money each month on care items saves over $100 a year. This doesn’t include the cost that I am saving on laundry for not having to bleed through any of my clothing. Also this is the best menstrual cup I’ve used! The quality of the product is unbeatable, reliable, and easy to get the hang of using. I love using the Diva Cup. – Ashley T.

2. Do what you want, when you want.

An alternative to conventional pads and tampons that allow a woman to be more active, and free to do what they want, when they want, regardless of their cycle. You are not chained by your cycle if you break free with the DivaCup! Thank you for the opportunity to use this product that is innovative and something every woman should try! – Sandi

3. People with heavy flows rejoice! 

Periods are never a fun time. If you have a heavy flow you can be changing tampons and pads constantly. At time you have to wear both causing havoc with your daily life. If you have kids and a family you are limited with the things you can go and do. With this product you all your options open. The product will leaving you worry free for hours at a time. This leaves your day open to go out and explore and play with the little ones. They are also very hygienic and you are never worried about leakage or odor. – Angie H.

4. No bathroom, no problem!

As one of two girls on a construction crew working mostly surrounded by cornfields and no bathroom, this product is a lifesaver. Its rare that there is anywhere to throw garbage on the job site and you have saved me from being forced to choose between polluting or toting my used tampons around. Simple and safe! The guys on the job are thankful I don’t take a break every two hours and I’m thankful I no longer have to pack tampons around in my tool belt. Score for the working women. – Annabelle L.

5. The end to inconvenient leaks.

For years I used tampons. Decades, really. (Dang.) For five days every month, I had to stay close to bathrooms, keep my purse stocked and pray for no leaks. I travel. I run half marathons. Inevitably those five days would fall on inconvenient times, and I would experience inconvenient leaks. But now? I get to forget about my period for 12 hours at a time. 12 WHOLE HOURS! No leaks, no dry tampons (you know what I mean!), no extra trash going out in landfills, no stocking my purse with tampons. I actually feel like I’m forgetting something. Nice, right? – Mary S.

6. It changes your relationship with your period for the better!

The DivaCup has changed the way I view my period. After having my son, tampons were excruciating to remove, even in heavy days. Plus, I would overflow almost daily. Now, I can go all day, run a 5k, drive 500 miles and even go camping without worrying about having my period. I have not ruined a set of sheets in years! I even gave a detailed 5* review on Amazon (A.B.Gibbs). I don’t mind being a lady as much thanks to the DivaCup. I just wish I had found it sooner! – AmyBeth G.

7. Empowers you, empowers your daughters.

I use the DivaCup to encourage my three daughters. My oldest was having bad cramps and I researched natural remedies. Using reusable products was one suggestion! I ran to the store and bought two DivaCups. I LOVE that it’s safe for my daughters (no TSS or chemicals leaching into their bodies)! It has opened up more dialogue between us (we discuss folds, comfort, and how much we’ve bled)! It has empowered my daughters to feel “in control” of their periods, as well as develop a better understanding of their bodies! – Barbara R.

8. Be more confident during the least confident time of the month.

I use the DivaCup because it allows me to be more confident at my least confident time of the month. I don’t have to worry about embarrassing leaks and I can go on without dreading the one week of the month that I have dreaded since I was a teen. Thanks for giving my confidence back to me. – Toma R.

9. PCOS was cramping my style. The DivaCup was on fleek.

For my physical and emotional health. I have PCOS and my periods have become unbearable since my diagnosis. I’m trying to become healthy in all aspects of my life and read that traditional tampons can cause your period and symptoms to worsen. After transitioning to the DivaCup I’ve noticed a huge difference in my period! It is lighter and the cramps have eased up a bit as well. This has been a huge improvement on me emotionally as my periods have been debilitating. I’m extremely happy with the choice to change and I’ll never go back to using tampons again. I love my DivaCup! – Hollie T.

10. Bye bye allergies to disposables!

As tampon companies started using different products to absorb more, I found myself terribly allergic and getting worse. During cycles I had to put barrier creams on and take Benedryl, then would still end up with an infection. Finally I heard about DivaCup and it changed my life! After telling my gyno she said she has many other people having similar reactions. I printed the info from your website and it is now hanging in the clinic room! – Jesika F.

11. Scent free and easy for me!

So many things to love about the DivaCup! I love that there is no perfume and no ingredients that can hurt or harm me. It’s gentle and easy to insert and to remove. There is no period scent when using it (you know the smell, from pads and tampons) and you can have it inserted a lot longer than you can with tampons. Easy to clean and comes with a cute sack to store it in. I also really love that it’s not wasteful! I recommend the DivaCup whole heartedly. – Julissa H.

12. I can live a normal life.

It may be TMI but I have been having MONTHLY vaginal infections. MONTHLY. It was miserable. They were so bad the doctor actually told me it was the worst they’ve seen and I had to take time off of work. I went to multiple doctors and no one could figure out why. I was on high doses of medicines to help to no avail. When I got pregnant the infections stopped. I had my baby and when my cycle started again so did the infections. I switched to the DivaCup and haven’t had an infection since. Apparently something in tampons was triggering infections for me. The DivaCup has been more than a convince to me. It has helped me so much so I can live a normal life. – Tiffany

50 Reasons to Diva

13. A better planet for my kids and a better period for me.

I began using the DivaCup as one of the things I can do to help leave my children a better planet by reducing waste. After I used it for a few months I love it because I have no leaks and my cramping has greatly diminished as well. I love that this is an option that I can give to my daughter in a few years and feel good knowing there is no toxic chemicals in it, in addition to all of the other benefits of the Div Cup, Thank you! – Brenda

14. Never waking up to blood stained sheets again.

With the DivaCup I no longer need to worry about what position I sleep in. While using pads, I would always have to be careful in how I perched myself every night; one wrong move would result in a leak. Sometimes my careful planning didn’t even pan out– I would still wake up in the middle of the night with that feeling of horror every person with a period has felt. Switching to the DivaCup meant that I didn’t have to do that anymore! I can sleep on my back, side, belly, any way, and still be comfortable and leak-free! – Amanda S.

15. Freedom from the tyranny of the period.

The DivaCup has changed the way I feel about my period forever. I used to dread it, but now it’s like any other day or time in my life. I switched to the DivaCup initially for environmental reasons but I got a new lease on life when I switched. I used to wear a tampon and a pad together for very heavy flow and still have to change every 3-4 hours. Now on heavy days I can go at least 6-8 hours without emptying my cup and 12 hours on light days. The DivaCup has given me freedom. – Raegan F.

16. Active lifestyle – without harsh chemicals.

I can’t use tampons and pads are horrible. The DivaCup gave me my life back. With pads I can’t go to the gym and kill it on leg day; with the DivaCup I can leg press 125 and squat 90 with NO LEAKS! Pads make it impossible to go to the beach or canoe, I don’t have to worry about that with the DivaCup. The DivaCup lets me keep my active lifestyle without harsh chemicals and cotton. The best part, I’m not sick my entire period and my clots aren’t the size of a half dollar. – Amanda N.

17. Travel ANYWHERE!

The moment I realized I would never go back from the DivaCup was when I was traveling across Europe and ended up getting my period. At that time I didn’t use the DivaCup so I had to scramble to find a solution in a foreign place. Now, I can throw the DivaCup in a bag anytime I travel whether across the state or across the globe and be prepared. – Heidi

18. Feeling comfortable in my own skin.

I love the DivaCup because it makes me not only feel comfortable in my own skin, even after having a baby, but it allows me to be comfortable with our anatomy as women. It is not only a matter of making my periods easier to manage, with a toddler running around and also working for myself but its owning my own health and fertility! It’s taking matters into my own hands and allowing myself to enjoy life even during the menstrual flow! Not being stopped, limited or held back during any part of the month! We are Limitless! – Jill

19. Doctor recommended.

My doctor recommended the DivaCup and I can’t be happier with his suggestion. It is very easy to use but it does take some practice. It has made my period easier to deal with and traveling during my period a breeze. It has saved me money and stress. I would and do recommend it to everyone. – Angela L.

20. Free from hormones.

I had an IUD for five years. When the five-year limit approached, I got it removed and got the DivaCup for my menstrual care. Not having a period for five years was awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to be free of the chemicals, hormones and the affects of birth control. With the DivaCup having a period is hardly noticeable to me, not to mention the money it saves! It’s been almost a year and I have no regrets and don’t look back! I recommend the DivaCup any time “monthly” period topics come up. – Crystal

21. The best option for Perimenopause.

When you get to my age your last days of having a period are totally unpredictable. It could be a light flow for a few days but then be heavy. Before switching, I used to have to wear a jacket wrapped around my waist in case I was leaking. What a mess! My daughters told me about the DivaCup. I don’t have the worry now and I wish the DivaCup was around when I was younger. They’re comfortable and dependable. Like a best friend. – Helen G.

22. Leaving no trace.

The utter convenience and durability of the DivaCup cannot be overstated. I love that the DivaCup lasts a year, that it is easily transportable, and that it’s perfect for outdoor adventures. I cannot imagine bringing a bunch of tampons with me while backpacking, camping, or hiking. Not to mention, living by the “leave no trace” philosophy while out on the trails means packing all of your trash with you. I’m so thankful for the DivaCup because it makes it easy to live by my values and ethics. – Adalia

23. A new mom lifesaver.

As a new, first time mom, I am constantly on the go caring for my little girl. She is 7-months-old and my period just came back, with a vengeance! Luckily, I found the DivaCup! It can handle my new heavy flow AND it is much more convenient and cost effective to use. And these days, I am all about saving time and money. Not to mention, it is earth-friendly, which is helping make the world a better place for my little one! There are more than #50reasonstoDiva, and mine is that it is a new mom lifesaver! – Alison W.

24. Appreciating my body.

I am a HUGE advocate for the DivaCup. I tell all my friends about it! After I had my first period using the DivaCup I knew I would never go back to tampons OR pads. I have used The DivaCup for over a year and it has honestly has changed my life! I have super heavy periods and would use a super tampon AND an overnight maxi pad. The DivaCup has made my period 100% less terrible! Also, the financial benefits are amazing! I love my body more through the DivaCup experience. Thank you to The DivaCup for changing periods forever. – Adrienne C.

50 Reasons to Diva

25. Control and dignity!

I went through life with an undiagnosed, blood disorder; it would have been fine if I had not been a female (menstruation) and suffering a major injury while overseas (which almost killed me). Complications from my injury lead to severe anaemia and heavy haemorrhaging; I could not clot and suffered through 3-6 weeks of constant bleeding, physical pain and infections related to tampons/pads and emotional/mental exhaustion (depression). The DivaCup that gave me hope; it helped me look after myself, aware of my body, prevented constant infections and it was comfortable. I felt like I had control and dignity once more. – Aliva D.

26. No longer ashamed.

My period was never normalized to me. From the very first one, it was something I tried to hide. Because of this I was always ill prepared, always ruining underwear, always making a mess. The DivaCup has changed my life. The DivaCup has finally made me feel normal. I feel clean, confident, in control of my body. 23 years of shame gone. Thank you! – Robin J.

27. Freedom on the road.

I work as a truck driver and nothing in the job has been hard to deal with as my period has been. I’m surrounded by guys and it is always awkward to ask for a bathroom every half hour. The DivaCup has given me the freedom I never thought I could have. I can go to work and just do my ‘thang’ as normal as I can,  without even a worry. I have even got my fellow female truckers on board and they are also impressed. This is a game changer 🙂 – Samantha H.

28. Focused while living life on the edge.

It’s 7 AM and I insert the DivaCup. My climbing partner and I pack our gear and hike to the cliff. We spend an entire day on the wall climbing 600 feet of limestone. There are a few moments where my foot is above me head and I almost poop my pants trying to make my next move. After a successful day of climbing we arrive back at the campsite it’s 7 PM back at the campsite. I empty, clean, and reinsert The DivaCup. Glad that’s one thing I didn’t have to think about today. #50ReasonsToDiva – Victoria F.

29. Anxiety-free period!

My period has always been a time of anxiety for me, from the leaks to the smells to ‘oh my god I’ve been sitting in this lecture for two hours, what if I have a red spot on my pants when I stand up?!’ I was recommended the DivaCup by a friend, took her advice and am now far beyond ever looking back. The DivaCup has granted me such relief, and allowed me to finally stop stressing over the dreaded red week of the month. Thank you to the DivaCup, for letting me live in peace. – Rose L.

30. Treating my vagina with respect.

I use a menstrual cup because I love my body and everything it’s blessed me with. I want to treat my vagina with respect and care. I want to know that my periods will be as comfortable as possible. I have PCOS and with menstruation always came unbearable cramping and discomfort. Switching to the DivaCup was life changing. No leaks, barely any cramping and $$$$ saved every month! I spread the word whenever the opportunity comes up. I wish someone would have introduced me to The DivaCup earlier! – Hannah H.

31. Helped with the emotional battle.

Trying to conceive can be exhausting. Month after month, your very unwelcomed period makes its appearance. It can turn your menstrual cycle into an emotional battle. I loved the DivaCup during the time we were trying to conceive. I can forget about it for up to 12 hours at a time, not being reminded of another failed month. I don’t have to run to the store to buy tampons and stand around the feminine wellness aisle when I’d rather be checking out baby gear. Now that I’ve conceived, I’ll need a size 2 soon! – Tara W.

32. Helped this endo sufferer suffer a little less.

I’ve suffered from endometriosis for over 10 years. There were times when putting in and taking out a tampon would be terribly painful. In addition, I wore tampons A LOT because of irregular cycles. I was always worried about toxic shock syndrome. Enter: the DivaCup. I was hesitant, but this weekend, rather than buying another box of tampons, I finally bought the DivaCup. I popped that sucker in and immediately went to the gym. Hey, no guts no glory! NO LEAKS! TOTAL COMFORT! NO PAIN! I’m amazed and a total convert. Thank you for helping this endo sufferer suffer a little less! – Jennifer

33. No longer hating on my period.

I used to hate my period. I had hellish periods every month and tampons were the worst. Since making the switch to the DivaCup three years ago, I am much more friendly with the monthly beast. I love that I can go for hours and hours before I have to take it out (which helps as a teacher when I get very limited bathroom breaks). I especially love that I make one purchase each year and spend half as much. Making the switch was one of the best decisions and I love telling my friends how I made the switch! – Alexandra L.

34. Set it and forget it.

Being a plus sized woman is no fun when you’re on your period. Tampons never really felt right and I would experience leaks with pads because they just don’t cover enough real estate (if you know what I mean). It’s as if my menstrual blood defied the laws of physics. In all of my years of experiencing periods, I had never had an accident free period. Not until the DivaCup. With the DivaCup, I don’t have to worry about an awkward fit or leaks. It’s like a crock pot. I just set it and forget it. – Vanessa B.

35. Who has time for bathroom breaks?

I’m a social worker so working in homes of families in my community leave little time for bathroom breaks. With the DivaCup, I focus on my client’s needs, not my need to change feminine products constantly. I took my stash of disposable feminine products to a local women’s shelter, so you not only helped me, but women in my community. I experience less cramping, which helps me to be fully present for my clients and my own family, and has given me a quality of life I never thought possible for one week each month. I’m so thankful. – Sarah S.

36. Plastic-free from the sea and for me!

I was on vacation, visiting the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, FL when I observed firsthand how destructive disposable products are to aquatic life and the environment. Beaches were littered with tampon applicators, but even worse, I learned sea animals often mistook these applicators for food causing their digestive tracks to be blocked, often resulting in death. There had to be a better way. An Internet search led me to the DivaCup. It is both eco-friendly for the sea (reusable!) and safe for me (medical-grade silicone + no chemicals). I took the bait and now I’m hooked! – Kristen L.

37. Focus on my patients, not my period.

As a busy nurse, the DivaCup has been my saving grace. I no longer have to worry about finding break times to deal with my periods, and my mind is at ease during my (sometimes very long) commutes. The confidence I have in the DivaCup is outstanding. I know I can deal with my period once in the morning and not even have to think about it during my shift, meaning my focus can be on my patients. The DivaCup is discreet, sanitary, and cost effective. I recommend them to everyone! – Rebecca N.

50 Reasons to Diva

38. A year of freedom.

I was very skeptical when I started using the DivaCup. I watched a bunch of videos and emailed the support team. With a little practice, it took me a few cycles to be a confident Diva user. I’m proud to say it’s been a year of freedom! No more bulky pads or leaky tampons! I’ve saved so much money and gained so much! – Serena L.

39. Adventure without the hassle.

As an ultra-trail runner I would be running through the woods on a mountain for 30, 50, 100+ miles. I often chose races and my training runs based on my cycle because being in the middle of no where, on an exposed ridge line or for hours away from everything did not make dealing with my period easy. Thanks to the DivaCup I don’t have to wonder how I’ll deal with my cycle and all that used to go along with it. – Shelly C.

40. From heavy bleeding to forgetting my period.

I have had the worst periods since I first started: heavy bleeding, excessively long and extremely painful. Since switching to the DivaCup, the first two don’t impact me as much. I can almost forget I’m having my period and go about my daily business without worrying that I need to change my pad or tampon. ~ Brittney J.

41. For swimming and happy memories.

I use the DivaCup for freedom. Being a lifeguard and water safety instructor, I’ve always had worries about tampons failing and leaking. I’ve had it happen and it’s a horribly embarrassing event. With t.he DivaCup properly inserted, I no longer worry. I’m free to enjoy swimming and making happy memories for young girls too. – Asa P.

42. Better for country living.

My family moved to the country and we have a septic system so I was having to throw ALL period related waste away. The DivaCup is so easy, much more sanitary, and there’s no more trash so it’s better for the environment too! – Cindy F.

43. Empowering!

I diva because after having three gorgeous little girls, I wanted to find a safer alternative to disposable options. I’d love to pass all of my feminine health successes on to my girls in the future! Being a Diva user has been one of the best and most empowering decisions I’ve made for my feminine health. I’m a Diva, and I’m in control! – Mesha S.

44. Changes the way you see your period.

It does get better ladies! With the DivaCup, I no longer worry about packing those terrible pads and tampons! I am not running to the bathroom every hour either. You know what I am talking about!! Change the way you see your period! – Amanda K.

45. One reason? I have 10!

10 reasons why I switched to the DivaCup: Money saving! Environmentally-friendly! Canadian-made product! No pads sticking to me anymore! No more stains on underwear! Long time between changes! No odors! Lady parts stay clean! No leaking! Don’t have to wear underwear to bed anymore! No more sleeping on towels! YAY for the DivaCup! – Stacy

46. Hope for heavy periods.

After my son’s delivery (10 lbs. 6 oz.), I noticed my periods became super heavy. I would go through a super tampon in an hour during my heaviest time, which made sleep impossible. Luckily, I came across the DivaCup and hoped it would be the answer to my prayers, and it was! What do I love about the DivaCup? I love that it can hold more volume, that it is environmentally-friendly, better for my health (no nasty chemicals), and that it saves me money in the long run. Awesome product 😉 – Keri L.

47. In with the new.

After decades of little change in menstrual products, we finally have another alternative! It’s safe, effective, portable, reusable and replaced ALL other products! Get over the ick factor ladies, it’s YOUR body and it’s time to get to know it better! I hate tampons, they never seem to fit right and pads, ugh, no matter how you think they claim to be they ride, bunch and feel like a diaper. The DivaCup is perfect for even my heavy flow days. I can’t feel it and love that I don’t have to keep different products for every day of my cycle! – Sunshine

48. It has never failed me.

Since I was 12 I have had my period and it has been a painful, complicated experience. My flow is so heavy I leak through the largest tampons and sometimes right through pads. Then I heard a whispering about something called a menstrual cup. After researching in depth I found the DivaCup. When I finally bought it after careful deliberation, I was astounded that I had never heard of the amazing product before. It never failed me. I am no longer scared to leave the house or complete activities because I know I am always protected. Thank you DivaCup! – Ashley

49. In tune with my body.

There are so many reasons I use the DivaCup–value, eco-friendly, body friendly, cramp reducing, mess free, etc. Out of all those reasons, I think my number one reason is because it allows me to be in tune with my body. When I use conventional menstrual products I feel like I’m applying a band aid to a wound I don’t want to deal with. The DivaCup, on the other hand, gives me the opportunity to connect with my deepest parts and be fully aware of what is going on. There is nothing better than that. – Yvonne

50. I can leave the house on heavy days!

I have had very heavy periods for 26 years. I was unable to wear tampons for many years due to heavy bleeding. By using the DivaCup I’m able to have a life during my menstrual cycle. It’s such a blessing to be able to leave the house on the heavy days. – Maria H.

Thank you to all of our Divas for submitting their reasons for making the switch to the DivaCup!