I have used tampons for 14 years, since my first period came. I’ve always dealt with leaking and having to wear pads as well as tampons.

Since I had my son a year and a half ago it seemed like my flow got heavier and nothing could control it, not even super plus tampons. That is until a coworker of mine was talking about the same issue she had after having her daughter. Her solution? She switched to a menstrual cup.

I ordered the DivaCup online and it came just in time for my period! I will not miss tampons or pads and the DivaCup was surprisingly easy to insert, no vaginal discomfort at all. I was very nervous because I read about a learning curve for placement and removal.

Placement was easy, I didn’t even know it was there and by the end of my very first cycle with the DivaCup I had removal down as well. I figured out quickly how long I could wear it on my heaviest days. I work in a dental setting and see between 8-14 patients a day. Before I would have to run to the bathroom to check for leaks in between every patient.

No more of that!

I wore it all day at work, no leaks, no panicking. It’s almost like I’m not on my period at all. I think about it twice a day instead of all day feeling uncomfortable. I cannot believe I didn’t know about this sooner. I wish I had, but I’m so glad I met someone that openly talked about it. I feel like before, my period controlled or limited what I was able to do that week. Swimming at a pond with no restroom available was a nightmare. My regular running routine was affected. Not to mention constantly feeling like I’m leaking, or that dreaded swoosh feeling… then running to the restroom.

I’m not even sweating knowing my beach vacation next month falls on the same week as my expected period. I know I’ll be able to place the cup in before I go to the beach, swim all day with my husband and son, come back and still have no leaks! This has definitely changed my period and this was what I realized the very first day of my cycle using the DivaCup! I will never go back to the old ways of dealing with a period. I am a DivaCup user for life! This product is worth any fear or any cost. Going through a box of tampons and pads cost at least $13 a month. The DivaCup is going to pay for itself within 2-3 months of my purchase. There’s no waste and it’s eco-friendly, which is a great bonus!

I knew my coworker used the DivaCup for a couple months before I got brave enough to order it. I wish I would have ordered it the day she was talking about it. It has changed my period week into a no-sweat, no-dread, not-even-thinking-about-it week.

Everyone should try this.

There is nothing to lose! It’s affordable, easy-to-use and you will not regret it!

Thank you so much!


Jackie is a busy mom always on the go. She enjoys running, swimming and spending time with her family! Jackie is an outdoor enthusiast who loves adventure.