May 9th marks the start of National Women’s Health Week in the United States. This week is set aside as a reminder for women to prioritize health and implement positive health habits for life. The week encourages women to visit their doctors for a well-woman visit and preventive screenings. It also encourages everyone to get active, eat healthy and invest in their mental health.  

The campaign theme for this year is “Find Your Health”, and speaks to the importance of self-care, in a way that works for you! Like the diversity in how one will experience the menstrual cycle, one’s health, and very definition of healthy will vary. 

When it comes to the menstrual cycle, everyone has different approaches to menstrual care and their experience of menstruation will be unique to them. Some like to stay active, while others retreat with a good book. Others prefer mindful meditation while others need to be around other people. Whatever your experience, it’s yours to own! 

This month we want to encourage you to, “Find Your (Menstrual) Health”. Your menstrual cycle is a big marker of your overall health linked to blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and respiratory rate. If you haven’t had a menstrual health check up in a while, book an appointment today to ensure your cycle is receiving the best care.  

Secondly, try the DivaCup. This is your moment to discover your period in a new way and to join the Inner Revolution! In addition to the questionable ingredients and disposable nature of tampons and pads, these products don’t provide much insight on your overall menstrual healthand aren’t helpful in “finding your health”.   

The DivaCup simply collects your flow, which means you can see (yes, see) your flow, for all its worth. The color, texture, volume, and all those extra elements (like clots, endometrial tissue etc.). With all the new data you will be gathering you can then track your cycle with some helpful resources like the Clue app or print-base journals of Pen & Paper. Your DivaCup allows you to learn more about your cycle, month over month and this knowledge is yours to own and share with your doctor. By learning more about your flow, you’ll be empowered with new cycle knowledge.  

Your flow for example, can vary in color, texture and volume. Depending on several factors unique to each person, you may find your flow is bright red, moderate and fluid. The next person may experience a heavier cycle, dark red, with clots. Flow color can vary from a bright red to a brownish/ dark red colour. Any changes may indicate a change to your health and thanks to your helpful DivaCup, you can then report this information to your doctor. 

Flow is another great indicator of your overall health. One of the much-loved benefits of using the DivaCup is that you can measure your cycle month over month with its easy to use flow measure lines. This feature helps you track your flow and provides insight on any changes that are occurring in volume as it collects everything including clots. The average flow is anything between 5-80 ml, anything over that, or no period at all may warrant a conversation with your doctor. Your health, diet, exercise routine and level of stress can influence your period.  

You get the idea! While half the population experiences a period, no period experience is the same. Take some time to get to know your period. You’ll be surprised at what you may learn.Yes, the DivaCup has a bit of a learning curve when you first start, but the amount you’ll learn about your body and flow will totally make up for the first few cycles of getting to know theDivaCup. The Inner Revolution is more than having a better period experience, it’s about learning and discovering new things about your period. You got this!