We bet you’ve wondered if there’s a way to keep your menstrual cup clean on-the-go. If you’ve ever been on the beach, on a mountain trail, or even just a few blocks away from your home, it’s pretty likely you’ll have experienced one of the following: long, snaking bathroom lineups, a lack of functioning sink or signs telling you the next “washroom” is a 3-km hike uphill. Not having to find a place to change a tampon when you’re out is one of the main reasons a lot of us switched to the DivaCup in the first place. But, as great as having up to 12-hours protection is, sometimes you still have to do the public-toilet-hover-dance while you wash your DivaCup.

Keeping your menstrual cup clean on-the-go is one of the most common topics we get asked about. So, we decided to make things a little easier for everyone by creating DivaWipes – a pack of 12, natural, fully-compostable wipes that are designed to clean your DivaCup no matter where you are. They’re perfect for hiking trails, the beach, road trips, campgrounds or anywhere else you might not be able to give your DivaCup the full service.

clean your menstrual cup on-the-go with DivaWipes

So… Baby wipes?

Yes and no. Although they look like, and are as convenient as baby wipes, that’s where the similarities end (and also because you shouldn’t flush them down the toilet). Unlike baby wipes, these are specially formulated for your DivaCup, so you can give it a thorough clean without worrying about the medical-grade silicone breaking down (just don’t use them on your body, it’s safe to do so, but it means one less wipe for your DivaCup). Also, unlike most baby wipes, these are 100% compostable cotton with no added dyes or perfumes and will break down in approximately 5 to 6 months once thrown away. Plus, the packaging is even recyclable – so you really don’t have to worry about contributing to landfill.

How do I use them?

The great thing about DivaWipes is that you can use them without any water. Just find a good place to empty your DivaCup, take a DivaWipe and wipe thoroughly (paying special attention to the little holes under the rim) before throwing the wipe out in a compost bin – or burying it at least six inches underground if you’re really off the beaten track. Then you’re good to reinsert your DivaCup and get back to doing your thing wherever you are.


What’s in them?

Like all good things, there’s nothing in these wipes that shouldn’t be in there – no harsh chemicals, no added dyes, no perfumes, just mild, natural ingredients. But, every body is different and, just like every product, irritation is still possible for some people. If it happens, stop use and consult a health care professional if necessary.

What if the pack was left open and they dry out? Can I rehydrate them? Asking for a friend…

Unfortunately not. Once the DivaWipes dry out they lose their effectiveness. But, the good news is, if your friend remembers to seal the pack properly each time, they can last for over 3 months. That’s a lot of opportunity for on-the-go cleaning

Great, I can finally throw out all my saucepans! 

Not just yet. DivaWipes are great for on-the-go cleaning, but we still highly recommend a more thorough clean when you get home – either with DivaWash and warm water, or by boiling your DivaCup. So, hold onto that saucepan for now.

But I can stop buying fancy bottles of expensive water to clean up when the gas station bathroom sink is out of order?

Yes. Yes, you can.

Sounds good, where can I buy them?

DivaWipes are available in packs of 12 and can be stored for 3 years before opening. Just click the link below to buy online.

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